Mayweather vs. McGregor will be the biggest flop in sports history

We all remember the Miracle on Ice, the ’72 Summit Series, the ‘touch ’em all Joe,’ the rumble in the jungle. Unfortunately, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor will the biggest dissapointment in not only boxing history, but sports history in general. It’s an overpriced recipe for disaster, with the build-up and hype surrounding the fight set to be the only good part of the entire event.

The first reason why, is obviously, the skill difference. Floyd Mayweather will go down as one of the greatest boxers of all-time, there’s no discussion. With a perfect record of 49-0 throughout his illustrious career, it’s impossible to fathom a rookie of the sport stepping into the ring and even winning a round against Floyd. Lucky for Mayweather’s wallet, he’s taking on the most charismatic man in the world in McGregor, who will persuade a small percentage of fans to believe he can really pull off the upset victory, just by using his mouth. Sure, McGregor is a warrior… in mixed martial arts. However, even in MMA, he’s not a terrific stand-up fighter. He’s exciting, and he’s caught a few of his opponents with some pretty snazzy kicks and punches before, but he’s more of an all-around fighter who uses his grappling and ground game to his advantage as well. Lets not forget that Nate Diaz slapped around Conor in their first encounter, and you can argue that the height and reach advantage gave McGregor a tough time, but if he was a great stand-up boxer, he would’ve negated those advantages. People are throwing out the “what if he catches Mayweather with one good shot” argument, but that’s Mayweather’s strength, is avoiding the big punch. That’s why he’s 49-0. And to think McGregor is the one guy who’s going to catch Mayweather is blasphemous.


The second reason this fight is going to be a complete waste is the style that Mayweather fights. We’ve already seen it with Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, and we’re going to see it again on August 26th. Mayweather seems to do a lot more running and maneuvering more than he does punching, and this fight will probably go to the cards with Mayweather simply landing more punches than McGregor and causing more damage to the Irishman. It’s not pretty, and it’s definitely not theatrical, but it’s the way the fight will go. Everyone wants the big knockout punch, but Mayweather simply doesn’t have that in his arsenal anymore, and McGregor doesn’t have a glass jaw either, meaning we won’t be seeing a knockout on this occasion. I’m not bringing up the theory that McGregor can even win this fight, let alone land a KO.

The third reason is the expectations all the hype is doing to this event. For crying out loud, they’ve got a world tour to literally stand there and yap at one another, and people are flooding in by the thousands to see it. The event will make loads of money, even with people saying they won’t pay for it. Come August 26th, they’ll cave. It’s the type of event you have to see just in case something amazing happens. But I guarantee you it won’t happen, as much as I’d like to see Conor McGregor make history and send Mayweather to the mat for his first ever loss. It’s something that should’ve been left as a “what if” rather than actually turning into a fight. Regardless, the point is that with all the hype and all the investment, there’s no possible way the fight itself lives up to the expectations.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor World Press Tour - Los Angeles

Conor McGregor doesn’t stand a fighting chance against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring, but at the end of the day, he still wins. He’ll probably never have to step into a ring or octagon ever again if he chooses to after this bout, and he’s done it all with his charisma and character. So hats off to you Conor.

And to think I’m going to watch this mess.


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