Crash Bandicoot is incredibly hard, but also super fun

I never thought I’d have so much fun and be so frustrated at the same time. I was on the fence about getting the game in the first place, but Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a blast. I’m not even done the first game yet, mostly because I’m terrible at the game, but I’m still having a good time. When I originally saw all the reviews coming out that it was “insanely hard,” I kinda shrugged it off. How hard can jumping from one box to the next with timed spikes possibly be?

Then I played it. And while I was enjoying myself, I nearly ripped my own hair out every time I’d come up mere millimetres short of the next platform. I can’t imagine being a six year old kid and trying to get through the grueling levels, so I looked into it, and as it turns out, there’s evidence to back up the theory that the game is harder than its original releases years ago. I can’t find it now (of course), but apparently the animations were revamped in the new game to change the dynamics of the jumping so they’re more unpredictable, hence all the falling. live video from TBennz on

Now, keeping in mind that I somehow did not play the original version on the PS1, (I only had Crash Team Racing, which me and my dad played to death) it does seem like this platformer hasn’t aged the best over the past 20 years. While only using two buttons and the analog stick, or directional buttons if you’re real old school, it feels like there’s so much more this game could do. That being said, it is a remaster, but I would be open to a new Crash game as long as it isn’t a rehash of the Ratchet and Clank series. Not to dwell too much, but a lot of the camera angles during the levels are very wonky, and have caused me some trouble on a few levels. While again, it’s a remaster, it would’ve been nice to see some help with the cameras that way I’m not over/under jumping that stupid moving platform for ten minutes.

People have said that this game is harder than Bloodborne, which I must say I disagree with. I bought Bloodborne without ever playing any of the previous Dark Souls games, and I was so frustrated with the game I took it back almost a week after I bought it because I simply couldn’t deal with it. With Crash Bandicoot, I at least feel I have a chance to complete the level. Getting 100% across the board? I doubt it, but I feel like it’s accomplish-able to at least finish the game’s stories.

It’ll probably take me the next month and a half, but I’m excited to finish the game, but more than that, I hope they come out with something new in the coming years.

If I had to give this game a rating, I’d give it a 7.5/10.


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