Gaming reboots need to be more creative

They’re taking the gaming world by storm these days, games being re-released with updated graphics. For the hardcore fans of the game, it’s something that is nostalgic and an entertaining trip back to the first time you played the game. For others, it can be a new introduction to a well-received game or series. Depending on the age of the game, there is almost always room for improvement when it comes to these titles. Gaming fans are black and white when it comes to these reboots; either you love them or you despise them. And I understand both arguments. On one hand, you’re revisiting a great piece of your childhood or reliving a classic, and on the other hand you just dropped $70 to replay a game that came out years ago, and you probably own for another system if you’ve still got it kicking around. My solution? Jazz things up a bit.

Now, you can call me a hypocrite because I purchased the Modern Warfare Remastered Edition as well as the Crash Bandicoot remaster that recently came out. While I barely touched the MW remaster because I was too busy playing Battlefield One, I’m loving Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. But I just feel like there’s potential for something greater here. As a person who didn’t play the originals, I just feel like there’s so much more that the developers of the game can do now that we’re in 2017 and there’s a lot of new tools that are available to the developers to work with.


I played Spyro The Dragon non-stop as a kid on my PlayStation 1 back in the day, and if they said they’re only rolling out the remastered original, I’d probably still buy it, but could you imagine if they made an entirely new story with new abilities and features on top of that? As in, you pay the $70 ($80 here in Canada) and you get a brand new title of Spyro to play, and included you get the original game remastered. That way, both new and returning players get something out of it. Now, Call of Duty has done that, but the current state of their games, people don’t even want to play the new editions, and just bought the deluxe editions to play the remastered classics. So basically, both games have to be fairly good in order to make this work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that these remasters are rolling out, but I still wish gaming companies would be more on board with backwards compatibility, that way we don’t need all these remastered editions coming out and we can play the copies of the games we bought years ago. I also understand it’s a business and companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo need to make a profit, but with online subscriptions now costing $60, new consoles costing $350 and above, and game prices continuing to climb, can’t these guys throw us loyal gamers a bone?

The gaming industry seems to be in the same situation as the film industry these days, running out of great ideas. While it’s great to see characters like Crash Bandicoot rising back into gaming stardom, it would also be nice to see some new, unique adventures as well.


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