Kaepernick isn’t signed because he’s not good enough for what he’s asking for

There’s a lot of talk about Colin Kaepernick in the sports world right now. Crazy, because he’s not even under contract for the upcoming 2017-18 NFL season. Some are outraged that he’s not signed at this point, many point out that his political views and “distraction” that he poses are the reason, some say that the NFL owners are making a point by not signing him, and some are even pointing to racism as the reason. There’s even a petition to boycott the NFL if Kaepernick isn’t signed by the start of the season, and while I’m writing this, it’s got over 90,000 signatures. To be honest, I see everyone’s point on this situation. But here’s my take.

I believe Colin Kaepernick isn’t on an NFL roster right now because his statistics over the past two seasons don’t warrant the contract him and his agent are reportedly asking for, and it definitely doesn’t justify an NFL team putting up with the “distraction” he poses off the field.

Now lets stop here. Personally, I have nothing against Kaepernick’s whole kneel for the anthem thing. Probably because I’m Canadian, but I know some people down south take this very seriously. I believe politics and sports don’t mesh well and they never should really intertwine unless there’s some pretty special circumstance.


In saying that, I also believe that NFL teams would put the “distraction” argument aside is Kaepernick’s numbers weren’t so low over the past couple years. Yes, Kaepernick has been to a Super Bowl, but that was with a stacked San Francisco 49ers defence and a great system under Jim Harbaugh. In his last two seasons, Kaepernick is 3-16, and his QB rating in 2015 was 78.5, he hasn’t averaged over 190 yards passing per game since 2014, and his patented rushing game hasn’t been what it was in the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

So to those who are saying that he’s being held back because of his political views and whatnot, you’re half right. It just sounds like Kaepernick’s party is demanding too much for what he brings to the table and where his game is at right now, it’s simply not enough for a team to take a flyer on the 29 year old QB from Nevada. It’s an unfortunate situation, and hopefully a deal is worked out that has Kaepernick in the NFL by the time the regular season rolls around.


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