Tyler’s 2017-18 NFL regular season preview

It’s almost that time of the year, the NFL regular season is almost upon us. While I’m not a huge NFL fan, I still follow my Carolina Panthers very closely, and through fantasy football, I try and keep tabs on as much of the league as possible. That being said, I’m going to try and follow the NFL a lot more closely this year, which means waking up early on Sundays for a change. So, I’ve put together my regular season predictions, which I’m sure will be smashed into a million pieces by Week 4. If you wanna call me an idiot for this prediction, go right ahead. I’m probably on the same playing field as you are, if not lower. My knowledge of the defensive side of the ball is pretty limited, so keep that in mind as you go through this. Without further ado, here’s my predictions for the upcoming NFL season.


Buffalo Bills (4-12)


With the loss of Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles Rams, the Buffalo Bills have officially lost their swagger. While they finished last season with a respectable record of 7-9, Tyrod Taylor has lost his favourite target (even though that target is hurt all the time.) Giving up 378 points last season, I don’t think much will change on that front, and I’m predicting a down year for Taylor and LeSean McCoy. Despite a hot start, I have the Bills falling off the wagon midway through the season.

Miami Dolphins (6-10)


Nothing against Jay Cutler, I just don’t have much faith in the Dolphins. While they have some interesting options in Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry,  picking up a retired quarterback just days prior to the preseason simply isn’t a winning recipe. With Suh and Cameron Wake helping out on defence, the lack of offensive production from Cutler and company is the reason why I have them finishing well under .500. When Ryan Tannehill comes back next season, maybe the Dolphins resurge.

New England Patriots (14-2)


Easily the most stacked team in the NFL, the New England Patriots will cruise through the regular season. With just two losses all season (Week 7 @ ATL & Week 15 @ PIT,) The Patriots are unanimously considered the Super Bowl favourites for the 2017 season, let alone the AFC East title. With the addition of Brandin Cooks and a star-studded cast on both sides of the ball, don’t be surprised if the Patriots flirt with 16-0 again this year.

New York Jets (0-16)


From the best team in the NFL to the worst. And worst by a mile. The New York Jets are a disaster of a team headed into 2017. With Matt Forte being the only recognizable name on the Jets’ starting offensive group, it seems like it will be a committee of quarterbacks taking the helm over the course of the season. With many people speculating the Jets could go 0-16 on the season, I personally have them winless on the 2017 campaign.


Denver Broncos (7-9)


The Denver Broncos are an aging team that lives and dies off it’s defence. With Von Miller, T.J. Miller and Aqib Talib, the Broncos are relying on its air tight defence to win them ball games with the inexperienced Trevor Siemian at QB. I don’t know what it is about this team, but I just don’t see them doing well this season. C.J. Anderson is streaky, and I don’t see him having a big year with opposing defences eyeing on him, knowing Siemian can’t hit his receivers on a consistent basis. I’m not sure other people have the Broncos finishing this low, I just don’t see it happening this year.

Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

Chiefs Texans Football

With Andy Reid behind the Chiefs, anything is possible. A man that has revamped Alex Smith into a reliable quarterback, Reid will have to deal with the loss of Jamaal Charles, but still has plenty of options on offence. With the tight end position (in my opinion) being the most valuable aside from the man in the pocket, Travis Kelce has proved to be one of the league’s elite, and will take the target off of receivers like Tyreek Hill and Demarcus Robinson. Defensively, the Chiefs are arguably even more stacked than they are on offence. With Eric Berry healthy, and a very formidable D-Line, the Chiefs offence should have quite the safety net, en route to another playoff appearance.

Los Angeles Chargers (5-11)

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

It will be more of the same for the Chargers, despite a new place to call home. With Phillip Rivers at the helm, it seems the Chargers will never compete for a division title, let alone the Super Bowl. With Joey Bosa on defence and some intriguing options on offence in Antonio Gates and Melvin Gordon, the Chargers have all the pieces to contend, but just won’t be able to put it all together.

Oakland Raiders (14-2)


My pick to win the Super Bowl this year, the Oakland Raiders were on a similar path last season until Derek Carr went down. With Carr healthy, Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree at WR, with Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin at the line of scrimmage, the Raiders are set to challenge the Packers and Patriots for the top team in the league. If everyone stays healthy, there’s few teams who can overpower the Raiders.


Baltimore Ravens (5-11)

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens

Oh, Joe Flacco. Much like Phillip Rivers, Flacco is one of those quarterbacks I simply don’t have much faith in. And again, I believe in today’s NFL, you live and die by your starting QB. While Flacco may have lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl Championship all those years ago, it’s time for the Ravens to move on, and after posting a 5-11 record this season, it’ll become clear that the Flacco era in Baltimore is over.

Cincinatti Bengals (8-8)

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

While the Bengals have some interesting pieces scattered throughout their roster, the Bengals never seem to pull it all together and develop into a real threat to contend. 2017-18 will be much more of the same for Cincinatti, as Andy Dalton and A.J. Green will continue to give opposing defensive coordinators headaches, but aside from that, the Bengals aren’t too intimidating. I have my skepticism about the Bengals defence, and that’s why I believe the Bengals will be a fringe team once again this year.

Cleveland Browns (2-14)


Oh, the Cleveland Browns. At least they’re not going to be the worst team in the NFL this year, right? At least I think so. It’s still very early in the rebuilding process for the Cleveland Browns. The selection of Myles Garrett at #1 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft is a great start for the Browns, and the fact they also snagged Jabrill Peppers at #25 is a steal. With Brock Osweiler at quarterback with Josh Gordon as his main receiver, the Browns should muster a couple wins this year, but it will still be a couple more years before the Browns start making some real noise.

Pittsburgh Steelers (14-2)


One of the NFL’s perennial powerhouses, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be a force to be reckoned with this season. With Le’veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger acting as the three-headed dragon on offence, and a bruising defence to follow suit, the Steelers will cruise through the regular season en route to an easy AFC North Championship and a lengthy postseason run.


Houston Texans (10-6)


One of the teams I’m most excited to watch this season, the Houston Texans have turned around the ship pretty quickly. After a 7-1 record at home last season, the Texans have made a huge upgrade at the quarterback position, with the selection of Deshaun Watson in the 2017 NFL Draft. I have a strong feeling Watson’s game will translate to the pro level very well, and will lead the Texans to a playoff berth this season. With DeAndre Hopkins as his main receiver, and J.J Watt and Jadeveon Clowney on defence, the Texans will continue to turn heads this season.

Indianapolis Colts (10-6)


The Indianapolis Colts are one team that I might see doing a lot worse than others might predict. While Andrew Luck is one of the best throwing quarterbacks in the game, his team around him, for the most part, is getting up in age, and past their prime. While they’ll still be atop the AFC South by the end of the year, I don’t see the Colts making much noise in the postseason, and might look to make some changes around Luck for next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9)

Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots

After a very disappointing season last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars will turn things around in 2017-18. With the addition of Leonard Fournette in the backfield, and Blake Bortles (who has been struggling as of late, but I’m hoping will turn things around), The Jaguars will benefit from a relatively weak division, and flirt with the .500 mark throughout the season. While they still won’t make the playoffs this year, 2017-18 should be a sign of good things to come.

Tennessee Titans (6-10)

Vikings Titans Football

I want to believe in the Tennessee Titans so bad, but I just can’t. Marcus Mariota is still developing, and while the 1-2 punch of Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray in the backfield is intriguing, I just don’t think the winning culture in Tennessee is there yet. I have my doubts with the Titans’ defence, and I think the Titans will win some games, but the wheels will fall off the wagon in the second half of the season. But, I do think next year, with a strong draft and an acquisition or two, the Titans could be something.


Dallas Cowboys (11-5)


Until Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension came out, I actually had the Cowboys much higher than I have them now. But in a tough conference, and a tough division, without the services of their star running back, the Cowboys will hit a few bumps in the road in 2017-18. I’m a firm believer in the sophomore slump, and I think the Cowboys might suffer from extreme expectations after their coming out party last season. That being said, I still have them in the playoffs.

New York Giants (9-7)


A lot of people have the New York Giants as NFC East champs next year, but I don’t see it. While Odell Beckham Jr. is the best receiver on the planet, and having Brandon Marshall as a partner is deadly, I have my doubts with Eli Manning. The Giants defence isn’t bad either, I just don’t have much faith in the Giants being the Super Bowl contender many people are playing them out to be.

Philadelphia Eagles (6-10)


Alshon Jeffrey is a big pickup for the Philadelphia Eagles, but I think it’ll pay more dividends next year. Why? Remember what I said about the sophomore slumps? I have a gut feeling that Carson Wentz will have a bit of a down year, and the Eagles as a team still have some identity issues. The future is bright in Philly, I just don’t think this is their year to break out.

Washington Redskins (8-8)

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins

Another team that has all the pieces and just can’t seem to put it all together, the Washington Redskins will have a very similar year to the one they had in 2016-17. Kirk Cousins is a serviceable, but not elite quarterback, and Josh Norman will frustrate opposing teams’ top receivers, but Cousins doesn’t have much to throw to other than star TE Jordan Reed, who had many injury issues last year, and there’s a good chance he’ll be forced to miss more games this season. Washington needs one big acquisition to put them over the hump and into serious contention.


Arizona Cardinals (4-12)


Ouch. I have zero faith in Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals making any noise this season, and taking a major step in the wrong direction as well. I simply believe that the Cardinals’ window of opportunity is closed, and while David Johnson will have another good year, the Cardinals just don’t have the talent to back that up and win football games. I have a feeling this could be Palmer’s final season as the Cardinals starting quarterback, in what will be an eye opening year for the Cardinals’ front office.

Los Angeles Rams (7-9)


After a down year last season, Todd Gurley finally has someone to take some of the pressure off him, and his name is Sammy Watkins. The Los Angeles Rams hit the jackpot when they acquired Watkins from the Buffalo Bills in the offseason, and now they have to do what the Bills couldn’t, keep Watkins healthy. With a healthy Watkins, Gurley and Jared Goff finally having someone to throw to, the Rams will see a lot of improvement from last year, but no playoff berth.

San Francisco 49ers (2-14)


It’ll be much more of the same from the San Francisco 49ers this year, as they failed to find a starting quarterback for the upcoming season. The thought of Brian Hoyer as a starting QB makes me cringe a little bit, and Pierre Garcon isn’t a good enough receiver to make up for that. Carlos Hyde needs someone to take the target off his back, and with Hoyer under the gun, teams will take their chances and continue to stuff the 49ers running game instead. Plus, the 49ers gave up a league-worst 480 points last year, so it’s not like the defence is going to save them either. It’s going to be a long process before the 49ers become playoff contenders once again.

Seattle Seahawks (13-3)


While an injury to Russell Wilson limited the Seattle Seahawks last year, the Hawks still easily grabbed the NFC West division title last year, and they’ll do the same this year with a healthy Wilson. It seems Pete Carroll has finally figured out how to use Jimmy Graham in his offence, and with Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin rounding out Wilson’s options, the Seahawks will be a forced to reckoned with once again. On defence, the Seahawks are intimidating as they ever have been, and with their home field advantage in the 12th man, the Hawks will cruise into the playoffs and challenge for another Super Bowl championship.


Chicago Bears (8-8)


One of my surprise picks for the upcoming season, I actually have the Chicago Bears flirting with .500 this year. The main factor is their rookie quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, who, like Deshaun Watson, I have a feeling will translate into the NFL very well. With their first legitimate starting QB in a long time, the Bears will benefit from one of the weaker divisions around the league, and finish the year with much optimism, and a possible playoff berth as well.

Detroit Lions (3-13)


While the Detroit Lions finished 9-7 last season, I have the Lions taking a major step backwards in 2017-18. Matthew Stafford isn’t an elite quarterback in my opinion, and I believe Marvin Jones will have a very quiet year. I’m not sure why, I just don’t have much faith in this group, and see the Lions picking up just three wins all season.

Green Bay Packers (14-2)


With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Green Bay Packers are always a threat to win it all. This year will be no different. With the addition of Martellus Bennett at the tight end position, Rodgers is that much more scarier with another throwing option to go to. Plus, the Packers’ defence is as strong as ever, and I believe the Packers will cruise to another NFC North division championship en route to a lengthy postseason run.

Minnesota Vikings (8-8)

Sam Bradford

With tonnes of depth, but no real star power, the Minnesota Vikings will miss the services of Adrian Peterson. With Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater battling for the starting quarterback role, they’ll have numerous options on offence, including the recently acquired Latavius Murray from the Oakland Raiders. Again, I don’t have much trust in the Vikings’ defence, and without a strong defence to compliment the offence, I believe the Vikings will start well, but after teams solve their offence, the Vikings will have a bad second half of the year, and wind up missing the playoffs.


Atlanta Falcons (12-4)


The reigning NFC Champions will have a tough act to follow, considering they should have a Super Bowl championship beside their names after being up 28-3 on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last year. With Matt Ryan and Julio Jones continuing to be one of the best QB-WR duos in the game, and Devonta Freeman on the ground, the Falcons’ offence will continue to be their bread and butter en route to their second straight NFC South division title. However, I don’t have them going back to the Super Bowl this year, because of their defence. Anyone who watched the Super Bowl knows why I say that. However, still a banner year for the Falcons.

Carolina Panthers (12-4)


After a very disappointing season for my Carolina Panthers, the steal of the 2017 NFL Draft, and future NFL Rookie of the Year Christian McCaffrey will provide a huge boost for Cam Newton and the Panthers offence. With Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen rounding out the main core of receivers for Newton, and a healthy Luke Keuchly anchoring the defence, the Panthers should be right back in the Super Bowl contention conversation in 2017-18, and while they’ll have to do it from the wild card spot, the Panthers have all the pieces to win their first Super Bowl championship, after the disappointing failure in 2015. And hey, Julius Peppers is back, so that’s pretty awesome too.

New Orleans Saints (5-11)

Drew Brees

Maybe it’s my hatred for the Panthers’ division rivals, but I don’t see the New Orleans Saints turning the ship around this year. After a 7-9 record last season, I believe Father Time has finally come for Drew Brees. With the acquisition of Adrian Peterson, and a new deep threat in Ted Ginn Jr., Brees will have the help on offence, but on defence, I don’t see the Saints being able to keep up with their tough division.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)


While I’m definitely not a fan of the Buccaneers, I must admit, they’re fun to watch. After a couple years under his belt Jameis Winston is ready to lead the Buccaneers into the postseason. But is the rest of the team? I don’t think so, not yet anyways. That being said, I still have them over .500 in one of the toughest divisions in football, so there’s definitely some positives for Tampa Bay fans for this season. DeSean Jackson will be a wildcard for the Bucs offence, and if they catch fire, look out.


Week 1

New England 1-0 (W) vs. Kansas City 0-1 (L)

NY Jets 0-1 (L) vs. Buffalo 1-0 (W)

Atlanta 1-0 (W) vs. Chicago 0-1 (L)

Baltimore 1-0 (W) vs. Cincinatti 0-1 (L)

Pittsburgh 1-0 (W) vs. Cleveland 0-1 (L)

Arizona 1-0 (W) vs. Detroit 0-1 (L)

Jacksonville 0-1 (L) vs. Houston 1-0 (W)

Tampa Bay 1-0 (W) vs. Miami 0-1 (L)

Oakland 1-0 (W) vs. Tennessee 0-1 (L)

Philadelphia 1-0 (W) vs. Washington 0-1 (L)

Indianapolis 1-0 (W) vs. LA Rams 0-1 (L)

Seattle 0-1 (L) vs. Green Bay 1-0 (W)

Carolina 1-0 (W) vs. San Francisco 0-1 (L)

New Orleans 0-1 (L) vs. Minnesota 1-0 (W)

NY Giants 0-1 (L) vs. Dallas 1-0 (W)

LA Chargers 0-1 (L) vs. Denver 1-0 (W)

Week 2

Houston 1-1 (L) vs. Cincinatti 1-1 (W)

Cleveland 0-2 (L) vs. Baltimore 2-0 (W)

Buffalo 0-2 (L) vs. Carolina 2-0 (W)

Arizona 1-1 (L) vs. Indianapolis 2-0 (W)

Tennessee 0-2 (L) vs. Jacksonville 1-1 (W)

Philadelphia 1-1 (L) vs. Kansas City 1-1 (W)

New England 2-0 (W) vs. New Orleans 0-2 (L)

Minnesota 1-1 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 2-0 (W)

Chicago 0-2 (L) vs. Tampa Bay 2-0 (W)

Miami 0-2 (L) vs. LA Chargers 1-1 (W)

NY Jets 0-2 (L) vs. Oakland 2-0 (W)

Dallas 2-0 (W) vs. Denver 1-1 (L)

Washington 0-2 (L) vs. LA Rams 1-1 (W)

San Francisco 0-2 (L) vs. Seattle 1-1 (W)

Green Bay 2-0 (W) vs. Atlanta 1-1 (L)

Detroit 0-2 (L) vs. NY Giants 1-1 (W)

Week 3

LA Rams 2-1 (W) vs. San Francisco 0-3 (L)

Baltimore 2-1 (L) vs. Jacksonville 2-1 (W)

Denver 2-1 (W) vs. Buffalo 1-2 (L)

New Orleans 0-3 (L) vs. Carolina 3-0 (W)

Pittsburgh 3-0 (W) vs. Chicago 0-3 (L)

Atlanta 2-1 (W) vs. Detroit 0-3 (L)

Cleveland 0-3 (L) vs. Indianapolis 3-0 (W)

Tampa Bay 2-1 (L) vs. Minnesota 2-1 (W)

Houston 1-2 (L) vs. New England 3-0 (W)

Miami 1-2 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-3 (L)

NY Giants 1-2 (L) vs. Philadelphia 2-1 (W)

Seattle 2-1 (W) vs. Tennessee 0-3 (L)

Cincinatti 1-2 (L) vs. Green Bay 3-0 (W)

Kansas City 2-1 (W) vs. LA Chargers 1-2 (L)

Oakland 3-0 (W) vs. Washington 0-3 (L)

Dallas 3-0 (W) vs. Arizona 1-2 (L)

Week 4

Chicago 0-4 (L) vs. Green Bay 4-0 (W)

New Orleans 1-3 (W) vs. Miami 1-3 (L)

Buffalo 1-3 (L) vs. Atlanta 3-1 (W)

Pittsburgh 4-0 (W) vs. Baltimore 2-2 (L)

Cincinatti 2-2 (W) vs. Cleveland 0-4 (L)

LA Rams 2-2 (L) vs. Dallas 4-0 (W)

Tennessee 0-4 (L) vs. Houston 2-2 (W)

Detroit 0-4 (L) vs. Minnesota 3-1 (W)

Carolina 3-1 (L) vs. New England 4-0 (W)

Jacksonville 3-1 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-4 (L)

San Francisco 0-4 (L) vs. Arizona 2-2 (W)

Philadelphia 3-1 (W) vs. LA Chargers 1-3 (L)

NY Giants 1-3 (L) vs. Tampa Bay 3-1 (W)

Oakland 4-0 (W) vs. Denver 2-2 (L)

Indianapolis 3-1 (L) vs. Seattle 3-1 (W)

Washington 0-4 (L) vs. Kansas City 3-1 (W)

Week 5

New England 5-0 (W) vs. Tampa Bay 3-2 (L)

Buffalo 3-2 (W) vs. Cincinatti 2-3 (L)

NY Jets 0-5 (L) vs. Cleveland 1-4 (W)

Carolina 4-1 (W) vs. Detroit 0-5 (L)

San Francisco 0-5 (L) vs. Indianapolis 4-1 (W)

Tennessee 0-5 (L) vs. Miami 2-3 (W)

LA Chargers 1-4 (L) vs. NY Giants 2-3 (W)

Arizona 3-2 (W) vs. Philadelphia 3-2 (L)

Jacksonville 3-2 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 5-0 (W)

Seattle 4-1 (W) vs. LA Rams 2-3 (L)

Baltimore 2-3 (L) vs. Oakland 5-0 (W)

Green Bay 5-0 (W) vs. Dallas 4-1 (L)

Kansas City 4-1 (W) vs. Houston 2-3 (L)

Minnesota 4-1 (W) vs. Chicago 0-5 (L)

Week 6

Philadelphia 3-3 (L) vs. Carolina 5-1 (W)

Miami 2-4 (L) vs. Atlanta 4-1 (W)

Chicago 1-5 (W) vs. Baltimore 2-4 (L)

Cleveland 1-5 (L) vs. Houston 3-3 (W)

Green Bay 5-1 (L) vs. Minnesota 5-1 (W)

Detroit 1-5 (W) vs. New Orleans 1-4 (L)

New England 6-0 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-6 (L)

San Francisco 0-6 (L) vs. Washington 1-4 (W)

Tampa Bay 4-2 (W) vs. Arizona 3-3 (L)

LA Rams 2-4 (L) vs. Jacksonville 4-2 (W)

Pittsburgh 5-1 (L) vs. Kansas City 5-1 (W)

LA Chargers 1-5 (L) vs. Oakland 6-0 (W)

NY Giants 2-4 (L) vs. Denver 3-2 (W)

Indianapolis 5-1 (W) vs. Tennessee 0-6 (L)

Week 7

Kansas City 5-2 (L) vs. Oakland 7-0 (W)

Tampa Bay 5-2 (W) vs. Buffalo 3-3 (L)

Carolina 6-1 (W) vs. Chicago 0-7 (L)

Tennesse 1-6 (W) vs. Cleveland 1-6 (L)

New Orleans 1-5 (L) vs. Green Bay 6-1 (W)

Jacksonville 4-3 (L) vs. Indianapolis 6-1 (W)

Arizona 3-4 (L) vs. LA Rams 3-4 (W)

NY Jets 0-7 (L) vs. Miami 3-4 (W)

Baltimore 2-5 (L) vs. Minnesota 6-1 (W)

Cincinatti 2-4 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 6-1 (W)

Dallas 5-1 (W) vs. San Francisco 0-7 (L)

Denver 3-3 (W) vs. LA Chargers 1-6 (L)

Seattle 5-1 (W) vs. NY Giants 2-5 (L)

Atlanta 5-1 (W) vs. New England 6-1 (L)

Washington 2-4 (W) vs. Philadelphia (L) 3-4

Week 8

Miami 3-5 (L) vs. Baltimore 3-5 (W)

Minnesota 7-1 (W) vs. Cleveland 1-7 (L)

Oakland 8-0 (W) vs. Buffalo 3-4 (L)

Indianapolis 6-2 (L) vs. Cincinatti 3-4 (W)

LA Chargers 1-7 (L) vs. New England 7-1 (W)

Chicago 1-7 (W) vs. New Orleans 1-6 (L)

Atlanta 6-1 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-8 (L)

San Francisco 1-7 (W) vs. Philadelphia 3-5 (L)

Carolina 6-2 (L) vs. Tampa Bay 6-2 (W)

Houston 3-4 (L) vs. Seattle 6-1 (W)

Dallas 6-1 (W) vs. Washington 2-5 (L)

Pittsburgh 7-1 (W) vs. Detroit 1-6 (L)

Denver 3-4 (L) vs. Kansas City 6-2 (W)

Week 9

Buffalo 4-4 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-9 (L)

Atlanta 6-2 (L) vs. Carolina 7-2 (W)

Indianapolis 6-3 (L) vs. Houston 4-4 (W)

Cincinatti 4-4 (W) vs. Jacksonville 4-4 (L)

Tampa Bay 6-3 (L) vs. New Orleans 2-6 (W)

LA Rams 3-5 (L) vs. NY Giants 3-5 (W)

Denver 4-4 (W) vs. Philadelphia 3-6 (L)

Baltimore 4-5 (W) vs. Tennessee 1-7 (L)

Arizona 3-5 (L) vs. San Francisco 2-7 (W)

Washington 2-6 (L) vs. Seattle 7-1 (W)

Kansas City 6-3 (L) vs. Dallas 7-1 (W)

Oakland 9-0 (W) vs. Miami 3-6 (L)

Detroit 1-7 (L) vs. Green Bay 7-1 (W)

Week 10

Seattle 8-1 (W) vs. Arizona 3-6 (L)

New Orleans 3-6 (W) vs. Buffalo 4-5 (L)

Green Bay 7-2 (L) vs. Chicago 2-7 (W)

Cleveland 1-8 (L) vs. Detroit 2-7 (W)

Pittsburgh 8-1 (W) vs. Indianapolis 6-4 (L)

LA Chargers 2-7 (W) vs. Jacksonville 4-5 (L)

NY Jets 0-10 (L) vs. Tampa Bay 7-3 (W)

Cincinatti 4-5 (L) vs. Tennessee 2-7 (W)

Minnesota 7-2 (L) vs. Washington 3-6 (W)

Houston 5-4 (W) vs. LA Rams 3-6 (L)

Dallas 8-1 (W) vs. Atlanta 6-3 (L)

NY Giants 4-5 (W) vs. San Francisco 2-8 (L)

New England 8-1 (W) vs. Denver 4-5 (L)

Miami 3-7 (L) vs. Carolina 8-2 (W)

Week 11

Tennessee 2-8 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 9-1 (W)

Detroit 2-8 (L) vs. Chicago 3-7 (W)

Baltimore 4-6 (L) vs. Green Bay 8-2 (W)

Jacksonville 4-6 (L) vs. Cleveland 2-8 (W)

Arizona 3-7 (L) vs. Houston 6-4 (W)

LA Rams 4-6 (W) vs. Minnesota 7-3 (L)

Washington 4-6 (W) vs. New Orleans 3-7 (L)

Kansas City 7-3 (W) vs. NY Giants 4-6 (L)

Buffalo 4-6 (L) vs. LA Chargers 3-7 (W)

Cincinatti 4-6 (L) vs. Denver 5-5 (W)

New England 9-1 (W) vs. Oakland 9-1 (L)

Philadelphia 4-6 (W) vs. Dallas 8-2 (L)

Atlanta 7-3 (W)  vs. Seattle 8-2 (L)

Week 12

Minnesota 8-3 (W) vs. Detroit 2-9 (L)

LA Chargers 3-8 (L) vs. Dallas 9-2 (W)

NY Giants 5-6 (W) vs. Washington 4-7 (L)

Tampa Bay 7-4 (L) vs. Atlanta 8-3 (W)

Cleveland 2-9 (L) vs. Cincinatti 5-6 (W)

Tennessee 2-9 (L) vs. Indianapolis 7-4 (W)

Buffalo 4-7 (L) vs. Kansas City 8-3 (W)

Miami 3-8 (L) vs. New England 10-1 (W)

Carolina 9-2 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-11 (L)

Chicago 3-8 (L) vs. Philadelphia 5-6 (W)

New Orleans 3-8 (L) vs. LA Rams 5-6 (W)

Seattle 9-2 (W) vs. San Francisco 2-9 (L)

Jacksonville 4-7 (L) vs. Arizona 4-7 (W)

Denver 5-6 (L) vs. Oakland 10-1 (W)

Green Bay 9-2 (W) vs. Pittsburgh 9-2 (L)

Houston 7-4 (W) vs. Baltimore 4-7 (L)

Week 13

Washington 5-7 (W) vs. Dallas 9-3 (L)

Minnesota 8-4 (L) vs. Atlanta 9-3 (W)

Detroit 3-9 (W) vs. Baltimore 4-8 (L)

New England 11-1 (W) vs. Buffalo 4-8 (L)

San Francisco 2-10 (L) vs. Chicago 4-8 (W)

Tampa Bay 7-5 (L) vs. Green Bay 10-2 (W)

Indianapolis 7-5 (L) vs. Jacksonville 5-7 (W)

Denver 5-7 (L) vs. Miami 4-8 (W)

Carolina 10-2 (W) vs. New Orleans 3-9 (L)

Kansas City 9-3 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-12 (L)

Houston 7-5 (L) vs. Tennessee 3-9 (W)

Cleveland 2-10 (L) vs. LA Chargers 4-8 (W)

LA Rams 6-6 (W) vs. Arizona 4-8 (L)

NY Giants 5-7 (L) vs. Oakland 11-1 (W)

Philadelphia 5-7 (L) vs. Seattle 10-2 (W)

Pittsburgh 10-2 (W) vs. Cincinatti 5-7 (L)

Week 14

New Orleans 4-9 (W) vs. Atlanta 9-4 (L)

Indianapolis 8-5 (W) vs. Buffalo 4-9 (L)

Minnesota 8-5 (L) vs. Carolina 11-2 (W)

Chicago 5-8 (W) vs. Cincinatti 5-8 (L)

Green Bay 11-2 (W) vs. Cleveland 2-11 (L)

San Francisco 2-11 (L) vs. Houston 8-5 (W)

Seattle 11-2 (W) vs. Jacksonville 5-8 (L)

Oakland 11-2 (L) vs. Kansas City 10-3 (W)

Detroit 3-10 (L) vs. Tampa Bay 8-5 (W)

Tennessee 4-9 (W) vs. Arizona 4-9 (L)

NY Jets 0-13 (L) vs. Denver 6-7 (W)

Washington 6-7 (W) vs. LA Chargers 4-9 (L)

Philadelphia 6-7 (W) vs. LA Rams 6-7 (L)

Dallas 9-4 (L) vs. NY Giants 6-7 (W)

Baltimore 4-9 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 11-2 (W)

New England 12-1 (W) vs. Miami 4-9 (L)

Week 15

Denver 6-8 (L) vs. Indianapolis 9-5 (W)

Chicago 6-8 (W) vs. Detroit 3-11 (L)

LA Chargers 4-10 (L) vs. Kansas City 11-3 (W)

Miami 5-9 (W) vs. Buffalo 4-10 (L)

Green Bay 12-2 (W) vs. Carolina 11-3 (L)

Baltimore 5-9 (W) vs. Cleveland 2-12 (L)

Houston 9-5 (W) vs. Jacksonville 5-9 (L)

Cincinatti 6-8 (W) vs. Minnesota 8-6 (L)

NY Jets 0-14 (L) vs. New Orleans 5-9 (W)

Philadelphia 6-8 (L) vs. NY Giants 7-7 (W)

Arizona 4-10 (L) vs. Washington 7-7 (W)

LA Rams 6-8 (L) vs. Seattle 12-2 (W)

New England 12-2 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 12-2 (W)

Tennessee 5-9 (W) vs. San Francisco 2-12 (L)

Dallas 9-5 (L) vs. Oakland 12-2 (W)

Atlanta 10-4 (W) vs. Tampa Bay 8-6 (L)

Week 16

Indianapolis 10-5 (W) vs. Baltimore 5-10 (L)

Minnesota 8-7 (L) vs. Green Bay 13-2 (W)

Tampa Bay 8-7 (L) vs. Carolina 12-3 (W)

Cleveland 2-13 (L) vs. Chicago 7-8 (W)

Detroit 3-12 (L) vs. Cincinatti 7-8 (W)

Miami 5-10 (L) vs. Kansas City 12-3 (W)

Buffalo 4-11 (L) vs. New England 13-2 (W)

Atlanta 11-4 (W) vs. New Orleans 5-10 (L)

LA Chargers 5-10 (W) vs. NY Jets 0-15

LA Rams 6-9 (L) vs. Tennessee 6-9 (W)

Denver 6-9 (L) vs. Washington 8-7 (W)

Jacksonville 6-9 (W) vs. San Francisco 2-13 (L)

NY Giants 8-7 (W) vs. Arizona 4-11 (L)

Seattle 12-3 (L) vs. Dallas 10-5 (W)

Pittsburgh 13-2 (W) vs. Houston 9-6 (L)

Oakland 13-2 (W) vs. Philadelphia 6-9 (L)

Week 17

Carolina 12-4 (L) vs. Atlanta 12-4 (W)

Cincinatti 8-8 (W) vs. Baltimore 5-11 (L)

Green Bay 14-2 (W) vs. Detroit 3-13 (L)

Houston 10-6 (W) vs. Indianapolis 10-6 (L)

Buffalo 4-12 (L) vs. Miami 6-10 (W)

Chicago 8-8 (W) vs. Minnesota 8-8 (L)

NY Jets 0-16 (L) vs. New England 14-2 (W)

Washington 8-8 (L) vs. NY Giants 9-7 (W)

Dallas 11-5 (W) vs. Philadelphia 6-10 (L)

Cleveland 2-14 (L) vs. Pittsburgh 14-2 (W)

New Orleans 5-11 (L) vs. Tampa Bay 9-7 (W)

Jacksonville 7-9 (W) vs. Tennessee 6-10 (L)

Kansas City 12-4 (L) vs. Denver 7-9 (W)

Oakland 14-2 (W) vs. LA Chargers 5-11 (L)

San Francisco 2-14 (L) vs. LA Rams 7-9 (W)

Arizona 4-12 (L) vs. Seattle 13-3 (W)

There you have it. My predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Tell me I’m an idiot at @tbennz on twitter, or leave a comment below. Cheers!



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