How to Lose Money 2

Well through one week and were already losing money, good news is it’s only 7.50$, to rectify this I’m gonna bet even more money this week. I’ll never make the mistake of thinking the broncos are a football team again, this week is my vendetta week against teams that shit the bed when i needed them for parlays, and moneylines, will it work out will we make money, let’s find out:

Bet the House:

20$ Jets PICK-EM vs Broncos (-110)

Like I said up top, the Broncos are now on my naughty list and i’m gonna bet against them every week until they show me a defence that is at least mediocre and a quarterback who isn’t actively trying to lose the game. The Jets can smell a wild card spot not too far in the distance so they will be well motivated.

Jets 24-15

20$ Saints +2 vs Falcons (-115)

The Falcon are in freefall, and unless the 49ers lend them Kyle Shanahan for the rest of the season they aren’t going to pull out of it, the Saints lead by OROY Alvin Kamara will keep their surprising season going will a hard fought game that will end with the Saints on top.

.Saints 27-17

20$ Chiefs -4 vs Raiders (-105)

Alright Kansas City this is it, you managed to choke a 3 game lead in your division and if you lose this game you won’t be going to the playoffs, Alex Smith better realise he is playing for his job in this game, playing a garbage giants team masked just how bad the Raiders are, they won’t put up much of a fight after the first quarter.

Chiefs 35-17

5 by 5

5$ 49ers +2 vs Texans (-110)

The Jimmy Garoppolo Era is now in full swing and as a pats fan I’m gonna bet on him until he costs me too much money, the Texans are awful, Tom Savage probably has a concussion. The only real question is do the niners have enough around jimmy to beat a houston team with some pretty talented guys, and I think they do

49ers 24-17

5$ Packers -3.5 vs Browns (-110)

You know its tales a remarkably bad team to lose to the Browns, even with Brett Hundley at QB I still believe that this Browns team is so bad they will lose by 10. And the Packers will be motivated by a healthy Aaron Rodgers at practice and their playoff hopes still very much alive.

Packers 28-15

5$ Panthers +3 vs Vikings (-110)

I know I’m stubborn, I just won’t accept that the Vikings are good, even when they play one of my least favorite teams in the Panthers I’ll still bet against them. This is crunch time for the Panthers they need to decide if they want to be a playoff team and a contender or not, and this game will decide that.

Panthers 27-21

5$ Cowboys -4 vs Giants (-115)

The Ben Mcadoo era is over in New York, and with that comes even more loses, last week the cowboys figured out how to run the ball even without Zeke. They will use this new skill and the recent resurgence of Dez Bryant to easily beat the Giants in the Meadowlands.

Cowboys 30-13

5$ Ravens +5 vs Steelers (-110)

Monday nights game was devastating to the Steelers, losing their second best pass option and their defensive captain will catch up to them quick, resulting in a very close game against their bitter rivals. The Ravens will win a sloppy game with either a late field goal or touchdown.

Ravens 24-21

Blowout bets:

These are bets I’m going to make on alternate lines for games I don’t think will be nearly as close as Vegas does. Odds will not be out for these bets at the time of writing, so no odds will be listed here.

5$ – Ravens win 14-17

5$ – Chiefs win 18-20

12 Team Parlays:

This week I’m changing my strategy for these parlays, I’m going to cast a wide net and account for multiple outcomes in close games.

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (+207754)

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bengals -6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (198938)

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Jaguars -3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (+236623)

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, Texans -3, Bears +6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (+216962)

1$ – Falcons +2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Vikings -3, Jets -1, Chiefs -4, Redskins +6, Titans -3, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5 (+216962)

1$ – Falcons +2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Vikings -3, Jets -1, Chiefs -4, Chargers -6, Titans -3, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5 (+216962)

1$ – Falcons +2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Vikings -3, Jets -1, Chiefs -4, Redskins +6, Cardinals +3, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5 (+216962)

Moneyline Parlays:

1$ – Saints, Packers, Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, Panthers, Chiefs, Redskins, Patriots, Rams, Cowboys, Titans (+254149)

1$ – Falcons, Packers, Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, Vikings, Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys, Rams, Patriots, Cardinals (+243835)

1$ – Saints, Packers, Jaguars, Texans, Bears, Vikings, Raiders, Redskins, Titans, Cowboys, Rams, Patriots (+201564)

10 Team Tease

10$ – Rams +4.5, Jets +6, Packers +3.5, Chiefs +3, Ravens +12, Panthers +10, Saints +5, Cowboys +3, Seahawks +10, Patriots -4.5 (+1500)


All bets were placed on, please note that line are subject to change. Do not gamble if you are 18 years of age. If you are interested in signing up on Boddog here is my referral link;


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