Why merging 20th Century Fox & Disney might ruin everything for the MCU

So, there’s news that there’s a deal in the works for Disney to acquire the TV & Film rights of most of 20th Century Fox for a reported $60 billion dollars, yeah, billion. While this reported deal in the works has most MCU fans going crazy (myself included), lets take a step back here and look at the effects this will have.

First, this would’ve worked out much better if this all happened about 5, 6 years ago. With the MCU moving into Phase 4 after the upcoming Infinity War film, many of Marvel’s biggest names could be getting killed off in the upcoming Avengers film, so we might miss out on Iron Man and Wolverine tearing it up together, or Captain America and Cyclops leading the way together. It just might seem weird if the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 randomly show up after the events of the Infinity War, leaving all the other super heroes forced to go “where were you guys?” While I’m still praying we get a Deadpool/Spider-Man team up at some point in the future, most of the big time team up storylines won’t be possible within the MCU, unless they play with the Multiverse angle and reverse time or something, which would be a lot of work for the big screen compared to how easy it is in the comics.

Second, 20th Century Fox has actually done quite a good job with the X-Men, Deadpool as well. Seeing these heroes transform from a 20th Century Fox label that lets a lot more edgy stuff go to the final cut to Disney, who tries to make their films family friendly, might take a hit on some of the characters. The biggest one being, of course, Deadpool. I’m trying to picture a Deadpool film under Disney’s umbrella that they would actually green-light, and I simply can’t. Maybe he’s just a cameo character once the transfer is done and Deadpool 2 hits the big screen, but it’s a shame, because Deadpool’s first instalment gave the superhero genre something entirely fresh. The same goes for Wolverine, good luck getting Disney to go ahead with a gory western film. The Fantastic Four on the other hand, are in desperate need of help from Disney and the MCU. Having Doctor Doom in the MCU would be huge for when Thanos is out of the picture, and if you read my article on the Secret Wars and how it could play into the MCU after the events of the Infinity War, the whole storyline is much easier with Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four, in fact it really centralizes around them. So for the Fantastic Four, this is great news, for Deadpool and the X-Men, could mean some watering down in terms of storytelling and edginess.

While I’m super excited if this all comes together, and it’s not deemed illegal, there’s still some big warning signs from this deal, for superhero genre fans anyways. While it means we may finally see some of the biggest heroes from the X-Men teaming up with the Avengers, it could also mean some less intriguing characters and less darkness and edginess to their previous versions. While it’s a risk, it’s a risk I’m hoping they take, just because I need that Deadpool/Spider-Man crossover film.

Also, that Disney streaming service just got real, Netflix has some work to do.


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