How To Lose Money 3

By: Hayden Trupish

Alright folks, that was rough, we’re now down about 40$ for the year. This is my make money week tho, no more wasting money on million to one shots, no more betting on the jets, this week I give the Hayden stamp of approval (patent pending) I’ll make money, and if not we can all be sad together.

Bet the house

10$ Broncos -3 (EVEN)

As bad as the Broncos are, the colts are much worse

5$ Eagles -7.5 (-105)

Nick Foles is gonna take this well balanced team to the playoffs

10$ Packers +3 (-115)

Rogers smells the playoffs and he’s gonna get the Packers there

15$ Chiefs +1.5 (-110)

A recently embarrassed Marcus Peters isn’t good for Keenan Allen

30$ Cowboys -3 (-125)

The Raiders are just plain garbage

5$ Bears MONEYLINE (+200)

The Lions are due for their annual end of the year choke job to miss the playoffs

10$ Rams +3 (-120)

The Rams have a chance to seize the division and they will

Points scored

5$ CHI vs DET u44 (-110)

5$ LAC vS KC o46 (-110)

5$ GB vs CAR o47 (-110)

5$ BAL vs CLE u40 (-110)

5$ ARI vs WAS u43.5 (-115)

Parlay avec moi

5$ Broncos -3, Chiefs +1.5, Eagles -7.5, 49ers -2

5$ Falcons -6, Packers +3, Eagles -7.5, Chiefs +1.5

5$ Bears, Vikings, Cowboys, Eagles

Tease time

5$ Bears +13, Cowboys +4, Chiefs +8.5, Eagles -0.5, 49ers +5

5$ Seahawks +5.5, Texans +18.5, Cowboys +4, 49ers +5, Chiefs +9, Bears +13 (+450)

5$ Patriots +3.5, Vikings -4.5, Eagles -1, Chiefs +8, Cowboys +3.5, Packers +9.5 (+500)

5$ Chargers +5.5, Panthers +4, Browns +14, Giants +14.5 (+200)

Lottery tickets

1$ GB vs CAR o47, LAC vs KC o46, DEN vs IND o40.5, PHI vs NYG o40, CIN vs MIN u42, BAL vs CLE u40, HOU vs JAX u39, LAR vs SEA u48, NEW vs PIT o53, TEN vs SAN u44, DAL vs OAK o46, ATL vs TAM u48 (+224675)

1$ Broncos, Bears +6, Chiefs +1.5, Packers, Eagles, Vikings, Ravens, Rams, Patriots, 49ers, Cowboys, Falcons (+38611)

Blowout bets

1$ Cowboys win by 10-13  (no odds yet)

1$ Cowboys win  by 14-17 (no odds yet)

1$ Cowboys win by 18-22 (no odds yet)


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