Takeaways From The NFL Offseason: Part 1

Cleveland wants to be relevant

After looking at the number of GM’s the Browns have hired and fired over the past 20 years, John Dorsey decided he would avoid the patient route and build a team through trades right now. They have still maintained their 1 and 4 overall picks which I assume will be used on Saquon Barkley and some help for their defence. The only issue i see with their recent moves is how much they overpaid for a borderline top 20 receiver in Landry, and with all the quarterbacks out there I don’t see why the were so eager to trade for Tyrod Taylor.

San Francisco is ready to go

After trying their best to tank the past few years including not starting Jimmy Garoppolo immediately after the trade when they were winless at the time. Shortly after seeing hm start they knew they had there man and that it was now time to build up the rest of the team around him. They just made a big free agent signing in Richard Sherman, cap wise im not sure it makes sense to pay a corner coming of a debuilatation injury so much but the contract guarantees very little money so they can pull the shute whenever they need to and the upside is obvious.

The Rams are for real

After a very surprising year to most the Rams are ready to build up their defence with great additions in Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. If Wade Phillips can keep those personalities in check, those corners along with the Rams already great front including reigning defensive player of the year, the Rams have the potential to be a top 3 defence in the NFC. On the offensive side of the ball they still have the best Running back in the NFC last season but the assumed loss of wide receiver Sammy Watkins, will greatly hamper their offence the struggled to get players open on standard routes.

Philly is ready for another

​After their incredible Super Bowl win against the Patriots, Philadelphia is gearing up to go back again, this time maybe even stronger. If the eagles can get Michael Bennett to care about playing football their defensive front will be the best in the league. They also made a good decision to trade away the aging Torrey Smith who really didn’t have a role with the team anymore. If Philadelphia decides to trade the reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles they can make their team even better.

Seattle is out of the defensive business

​At some point after the Seahawks missed the playoffs someone in their front office must have looked at the contracts their defence has and the number of injuries those aging players had last season and decided very smartly that it’s best to get out now before you become the New York Jets. Seattle is about to enter a 1 or 2 year semi tank mode in order to rebuild their defence and hopefully find someone to put on offence with Wilson and Baldwin.


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