How To Lose Money 2018 Week 1 Extravaganza!

Welcome back to another season of losing money week after week betting on NFL football. To celebrate the start of the new season there are also a number of season long futures, team totals, and prop bets to go along with the usual 100$ per week bets.

Season Long Bets

Tennessee Makes Playoffs? – Y – +150 – 10$

Goff Most TD Passes – +1400 – 10$

Brees Most TD Passes – +650 – 10$

Hopkins Most Receiving Yards – +950 – 5$

Dalton Most Interceptions – +2500 – 5$

Carr Most Interceptions – +3300 – 5$

Koetter First Coach Fired – +450 – 10$

Harbaugh First Coach Fired – +2200 – 5$

Joseph First Coach Fired – +650 – 5$

McVay Coach of the Year – +1400 – 5$

Rams 10 Wins – Over – -140 – 20$

Raiders 7.5 Wins – Under – -140 – 20$

Julio Jones 1450 Yards – Under – -160 – 20$

Giants 7 Wins – Under – +120 – 10$

49ers 8.5 Wins – Over – +115 – 10$


Week 1 Bets

Falcons – Moneyline – -105 – 10$

Steelers – -4 – -115 – 10$

New Orleans – -9.5 – -115 – 10$

Tennessee – -1.5 – -110 – 10$

Jets – +7 – -125 – 10$

Rams – -4.5 – -110 – 10$

6 Team 6 Point Teaser – +600 – 10$

Vikings -0.5

Steelers +2

Saints -3.5

Panthers +3

Packers -1.5

Rams +1.5

3 Team 6 Point Teaser – +150 20$

Steelers +2

Saints -3.5

Rams +1.5

4 Team 7 Point Teaser – 5$

Ravens -0.5

Jets +14

Rams +2.5

Steelers +3

9 Team Moneyline Parlay – 2$










4 Team Line Parlay – 3$

Patriots -6.5

Steelers -4

Titans – 1.5

Rams -4.5

All bets were placed on,

Please note that all lines and odds are subject to change.

Do not gamble if you are under 18 years of age.


Hayden’s March Madness Bracket Prediction

I’ll admit this year I haven’t watched as much NCAA Basketball as years past, last year I watched as much Lonzo as I could, this year was kinda an off year for UCLA who didn’t make the tournament and the league as a whole, which has been desperate for dominant team all season. That being said here are my predictions.

East: Purdue

Thanks to a 11 seed upset Purdue won’t face a single digit opponent until the elite 8 where they will be well rested and ready to beat a well coached but under talented Villanova. Purdue is a quick team that when they’re playing their game are easily good enough to make the final four, unfortunately they won’t be able to compete with Michigan State, and they will lose by at least 9 in that game.  


West: Xavier

Xavier drew one of the easiest routes to the final four, even without a through and through superstar their team play should be enough to carry them through. The early game against Missouri and Gonzaga should go relatively smooth, I don’t see them winning by any less than 8 points. The game against Michigan will be their first real test and lucky for them Michigan will be coming off a crazy game will UNC that will have drained all energy reserves they had. The final four is the furthest I see Xavier going.


South: Arizona

There is a reason Sean Miller allegedly wanted to pay Deandre Ayton one hundred thousand dollars; he’s a beast. And he is gonna have to be, Arizona has a path to the final four so hard that I just can’t see them finishing it off in the final. UVA, Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Xavier; now that’s just plain awful. Kentucky seems to be a mess but if the freshman gel they will really challenge Arizona and next up would be UVA which will take Arizona to the brink. Luckily I don’t think Cincinnati will be much of a challenge and Xavier won’t be much better. By the end of the gauntlet I don’t think Ayton will have enough left in the tank to beat Michigan State.  


Midwest: Michigan State

With one of the most grueling routes to the final four, it won’t be easy for Michigan State. That being said playing in Detroit will give them the energy needed late in their early games, and with all the off court controversy surrounding Izzo and Michigan State University I believe this team is closer than almost any other in the tournament. The game against Duke will be their greatest challenge prior to the final four due to Duke’s superstars in a NCAA season that has very few, if they can survive Duke they will beat Kansas. They are strong on defense, can shoot the three well, have a veteran coach, and they are my pick to win it all



Takeaways From The NFL Offseason: Part 1

Cleveland wants to be relevant

After looking at the number of GM’s the Browns have hired and fired over the past 20 years, John Dorsey decided he would avoid the patient route and build a team through trades right now. They have still maintained their 1 and 4 overall picks which I assume will be used on Saquon Barkley and some help for their defence. The only issue i see with their recent moves is how much they overpaid for a borderline top 20 receiver in Landry, and with all the quarterbacks out there I don’t see why the were so eager to trade for Tyrod Taylor.

San Francisco is ready to go

After trying their best to tank the past few years including not starting Jimmy Garoppolo immediately after the trade when they were winless at the time. Shortly after seeing hm start they knew they had there man and that it was now time to build up the rest of the team around him. They just made a big free agent signing in Richard Sherman, cap wise im not sure it makes sense to pay a corner coming of a debuilatation injury so much but the contract guarantees very little money so they can pull the shute whenever they need to and the upside is obvious.

The Rams are for real

After a very surprising year to most the Rams are ready to build up their defence with great additions in Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. If Wade Phillips can keep those personalities in check, those corners along with the Rams already great front including reigning defensive player of the year, the Rams have the potential to be a top 3 defence in the NFC. On the offensive side of the ball they still have the best Running back in the NFC last season but the assumed loss of wide receiver Sammy Watkins, will greatly hamper their offence the struggled to get players open on standard routes.

Philly is ready for another

​After their incredible Super Bowl win against the Patriots, Philadelphia is gearing up to go back again, this time maybe even stronger. If the eagles can get Michael Bennett to care about playing football their defensive front will be the best in the league. They also made a good decision to trade away the aging Torrey Smith who really didn’t have a role with the team anymore. If Philadelphia decides to trade the reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles they can make their team even better.

Seattle is out of the defensive business

​At some point after the Seahawks missed the playoffs someone in their front office must have looked at the contracts their defence has and the number of injuries those aging players had last season and decided very smartly that it’s best to get out now before you become the New York Jets. Seattle is about to enter a 1 or 2 year semi tank mode in order to rebuild their defence and hopefully find someone to put on offence with Wilson and Baldwin.

How To Lose Money: Super Bowl Edition

Alright folks this is it, the Super Bowl which of course means it’s time to risk the most money all season, as most of you should know I’m a die hard pats fan and without jinxing them I feel this game won’t be close. The Super Bowl has some of the dumbest prop bets out there some there always something fun to bet on and watch for even if neither of these teams are your favorite. Without further adieu here are my bets:

115$ Patriots -4.5 (-115)

Exact Winning Margin (1$ Each): Phi 4 (+2800) Phi 5 (+50000) Phi 6 (+2500) Phi 9 (+7500) Pats 2 (+3300) Pats 4 (+2000) Pats 5 (+3300) Pats 6 (+2200) Pats 8 (+3300) Pats 9 (+4500) Pats 10 (+1400) Pats 11 (+2800) Pats 12 (+5000) Pats 13 (+2500) Pats 15 (+4500)

Coin Toss: 10$ Heads (-105)

Highest Scoring Half: 5$ First Half (+110)

Largest Lead: 15$ Over 13 (-115)

Highest Scoring Quarter: 5$ 3rd Quarter (+450)

First Score Exact Outcome: 5$ Pats Touchdown (+155)

First Scoring play: 5$ Pats Rushing Touchdown (+550)

Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times: 10$ No (+140)

First Turnover: 5$ Fumble (+140)

Super Bowl MVP: 5$ Brady (-125) 2$ Foles (+325) 2$ Ajayi (+1800) 2$ Lewis (+1800) 2$ Jeffery (+2000)

Alternate spread: 2$ Pats -17.5 (+450)

Will either Tom Brady or Bill Belichick be shown shaking hands or embracing Roger Godell after Super Bowl 52 during live broadcast?  5$ Yes (+900)

Will any Kick (Field Goal or Extra Point) hit the goal post or cross bar in Super Bowl 52? 2$ Yes (+350)

Anthem Time 5$ Under 2 Minutes (+150)

Pink Hair Colour 2$ Purple/Blue (+900)

Pink Omit Word During Anthem 1$ Yes (+400)

Colour of Belichick’s Shirt at Kickoff 2$ Grey (+140)

Tom Brady MVP Double 10$ Yes (EVEN)

Either QB Throws for 400 Yards 2$ Yes (+300)

Colour of Gatorade poured on winning coach 2$ Red (+400)

Will Anyone but Brady or Foles take a snap this game 3.05 Yes (EVEN)

How to Lose Money 4

sports-bettingAlright folks I called it, with a solid 40$ profit last week I’m back up to even for the year, now let’s see if I can lose it all this week, this is parlay week, after zero I repeat zero underdogs covered last week Vegas overreacted with lines that are way too big, to compensate I’m doing more teases than ever before!

25$ Cowboys -5 (-110)
20$ Broncos Moneyline (+155)

10$ Pit vs Hou u44 (-110)
10$ Cle vs Chi o38.5 (-105)
10$ LaR vs Ten u48.5 (-110)
10$ Oak vs Phi o47 (-110)
5$ Den vs Was u41 (-110)
5$ LaC vs NYJ o42.5 (-110)

5$ Rams -0.5, Chiefs -3.5, Cowboys +1.5, Broncos +10, Patriots -6.5, Raiders +15.5 (+500)
5$ Rams +3, Chiefs EVEN, 49ers +14.5, Cowboys +5, Broncos +13.5, Patriots -3, Raiders +19, Lions +5 (+350)
5$ Rams EVEN, Chiefs -3, Texans +17, Cardinals +3, Cowboys +2, Raiders +16 (+450)
5$ 49ers +11.5, Browns +13.5, Ravens -7, Patriots -6, Raiders +16, Lions +2 (+450)
5$ Rams +6, Colts +27, Chiefs +3, Texans +23, Cardinals +9, Cowboys +8, Browns +19.5, Broncos +16.5, Raiders +22, Patriots EVEN (+275)

1$ Moneyline NYJ, Oak, Dal, LAR, KC, Det, Chi, Nor, Den, NE, Min, Bal (+39546)
1$ Moneyline Broncos, Colts, Jets, Texans (+24538)
1$ Point Totals Atl u52.5, Buf u47, Cle o38, Den o40.5, Cin u44, Ind u41, Jax o42, Min o41, LaC o42.5, Oak u47.5, Hou u45, Sea o47

1$ Pats first touchdown scorer Dion Lewis (+600)
1$ Pats first touchdown scorer Chris Hogan (+800)

How To Lose Money 3

By: Hayden Trupish

Alright folks, that was rough, we’re now down about 40$ for the year. This is my make money week tho, no more wasting money on million to one shots, no more betting on the jets, this week I give the Hayden stamp of approval (patent pending) I’ll make money, and if not we can all be sad together.

Bet the house

10$ Broncos -3 (EVEN)

As bad as the Broncos are, the colts are much worse

5$ Eagles -7.5 (-105)

Nick Foles is gonna take this well balanced team to the playoffs

10$ Packers +3 (-115)

Rogers smells the playoffs and he’s gonna get the Packers there

15$ Chiefs +1.5 (-110)

A recently embarrassed Marcus Peters isn’t good for Keenan Allen

30$ Cowboys -3 (-125)

The Raiders are just plain garbage

5$ Bears MONEYLINE (+200)

The Lions are due for their annual end of the year choke job to miss the playoffs

10$ Rams +3 (-120)

The Rams have a chance to seize the division and they will

Points scored

5$ CHI vs DET u44 (-110)

5$ LAC vS KC o46 (-110)

5$ GB vs CAR o47 (-110)

5$ BAL vs CLE u40 (-110)

5$ ARI vs WAS u43.5 (-115)

Parlay avec moi

5$ Broncos -3, Chiefs +1.5, Eagles -7.5, 49ers -2

5$ Falcons -6, Packers +3, Eagles -7.5, Chiefs +1.5

5$ Bears, Vikings, Cowboys, Eagles

Tease time

5$ Bears +13, Cowboys +4, Chiefs +8.5, Eagles -0.5, 49ers +5

5$ Seahawks +5.5, Texans +18.5, Cowboys +4, 49ers +5, Chiefs +9, Bears +13 (+450)

5$ Patriots +3.5, Vikings -4.5, Eagles -1, Chiefs +8, Cowboys +3.5, Packers +9.5 (+500)

5$ Chargers +5.5, Panthers +4, Browns +14, Giants +14.5 (+200)

Lottery tickets

1$ GB vs CAR o47, LAC vs KC o46, DEN vs IND o40.5, PHI vs NYG o40, CIN vs MIN u42, BAL vs CLE u40, HOU vs JAX u39, LAR vs SEA u48, NEW vs PIT o53, TEN vs SAN u44, DAL vs OAK o46, ATL vs TAM u48 (+224675)

1$ Broncos, Bears +6, Chiefs +1.5, Packers, Eagles, Vikings, Ravens, Rams, Patriots, 49ers, Cowboys, Falcons (+38611)

Blowout bets

1$ Cowboys win by 10-13  (no odds yet)

1$ Cowboys win  by 14-17 (no odds yet)

1$ Cowboys win by 18-22 (no odds yet)

How to Lose Money 2

Well through one week and were already losing money, good news is it’s only 7.50$, to rectify this I’m gonna bet even more money this week. I’ll never make the mistake of thinking the broncos are a football team again, this week is my vendetta week against teams that shit the bed when i needed them for parlays, and moneylines, will it work out will we make money, let’s find out:

Bet the House:

20$ Jets PICK-EM vs Broncos (-110)

Like I said up top, the Broncos are now on my naughty list and i’m gonna bet against them every week until they show me a defence that is at least mediocre and a quarterback who isn’t actively trying to lose the game. The Jets can smell a wild card spot not too far in the distance so they will be well motivated.

Jets 24-15

20$ Saints +2 vs Falcons (-115)

The Falcon are in freefall, and unless the 49ers lend them Kyle Shanahan for the rest of the season they aren’t going to pull out of it, the Saints lead by OROY Alvin Kamara will keep their surprising season going will a hard fought game that will end with the Saints on top.

.Saints 27-17

20$ Chiefs -4 vs Raiders (-105)

Alright Kansas City this is it, you managed to choke a 3 game lead in your division and if you lose this game you won’t be going to the playoffs, Alex Smith better realise he is playing for his job in this game, playing a garbage giants team masked just how bad the Raiders are, they won’t put up much of a fight after the first quarter.

Chiefs 35-17

5 by 5

5$ 49ers +2 vs Texans (-110)

The Jimmy Garoppolo Era is now in full swing and as a pats fan I’m gonna bet on him until he costs me too much money, the Texans are awful, Tom Savage probably has a concussion. The only real question is do the niners have enough around jimmy to beat a houston team with some pretty talented guys, and I think they do

49ers 24-17

5$ Packers -3.5 vs Browns (-110)

You know its tales a remarkably bad team to lose to the Browns, even with Brett Hundley at QB I still believe that this Browns team is so bad they will lose by 10. And the Packers will be motivated by a healthy Aaron Rodgers at practice and their playoff hopes still very much alive.

Packers 28-15

5$ Panthers +3 vs Vikings (-110)

I know I’m stubborn, I just won’t accept that the Vikings are good, even when they play one of my least favorite teams in the Panthers I’ll still bet against them. This is crunch time for the Panthers they need to decide if they want to be a playoff team and a contender or not, and this game will decide that.

Panthers 27-21

5$ Cowboys -4 vs Giants (-115)

The Ben Mcadoo era is over in New York, and with that comes even more loses, last week the cowboys figured out how to run the ball even without Zeke. They will use this new skill and the recent resurgence of Dez Bryant to easily beat the Giants in the Meadowlands.

Cowboys 30-13

5$ Ravens +5 vs Steelers (-110)

Monday nights game was devastating to the Steelers, losing their second best pass option and their defensive captain will catch up to them quick, resulting in a very close game against their bitter rivals. The Ravens will win a sloppy game with either a late field goal or touchdown.

Ravens 24-21

Blowout bets:

These are bets I’m going to make on alternate lines for games I don’t think will be nearly as close as Vegas does. Odds will not be out for these bets at the time of writing, so no odds will be listed here.

5$ – Ravens win 14-17

5$ – Chiefs win 18-20

12 Team Parlays:

This week I’m changing my strategy for these parlays, I’m going to cast a wide net and account for multiple outcomes in close games.

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (+207754)

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bengals -6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (198938)

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Jaguars -3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (+236623)

1$ – Saints -2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, Texans -3, Bears +6, Panthers +3, Chiefs -4, Jets -1, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5, Patriots -11.5, Rams -2.5 (+216962)

1$ – Falcons +2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Vikings -3, Jets -1, Chiefs -4, Redskins +6, Titans -3, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5 (+216962)

1$ – Falcons +2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Vikings -3, Jets -1, Chiefs -4, Chargers -6, Titans -3, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5 (+216962)

1$ – Falcons +2, Packers -3.5, Seahawks +3, 49ers +3, Bears +6, Vikings -3, Jets -1, Chiefs -4, Redskins +6, Cardinals +3, Cowboys -4, Ravens +5 (+216962)

Moneyline Parlays:

1$ – Saints, Packers, Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, Panthers, Chiefs, Redskins, Patriots, Rams, Cowboys, Titans (+254149)

1$ – Falcons, Packers, Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, Vikings, Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys, Rams, Patriots, Cardinals (+243835)

1$ – Saints, Packers, Jaguars, Texans, Bears, Vikings, Raiders, Redskins, Titans, Cowboys, Rams, Patriots (+201564)

10 Team Tease

10$ – Rams +4.5, Jets +6, Packers +3.5, Chiefs +3, Ravens +12, Panthers +10, Saints +5, Cowboys +3, Seahawks +10, Patriots -4.5 (+1500)


All bets were placed on, please note that line are subject to change. Do not gamble if you are 18 years of age. If you are interested in signing up on Boddog here is my referral link;

How to Lose Money

Follow along on my betting journey, I will be betting 100$ a week,  here are my bets for the upcoming week in football, follow along or just relish in my pain.

Bet the house:

25$ Rams -7 vs Arizona (-115)

With a defense filled with star players the Arizona Cardinals still managed to make Blake Bortles look like a legitimate quarterback, with a real quarterback coming to town they’re in trouble.

Rams 34-16

15$ New England -9 vs Buffalo (-105)

Coming off of an impressive win against the Miami Dolphins the Patriots will continue their rise back to the top of the NFL power rankings with a game lead by their offence and supported by a strong effort from Stephon Gilmore in his first game back in Buffalo.

New England 38-20


5$ Atlanta -3 vs Minnesota (EVEN)

After many weeks of struggles Steve Sarkisian has finally figured out how to run the Falcons offence, and with a good defensive line to keep the Vikings running game in check will force Case Keenum to be something he’s not, good.  

Falcons 28-24

5$ Indianapolis +9.5 vs Jacksonville (-115)

Jacksonville being favoured by 9.5 is way too much against a high school team, that beeing said Indianapolis will keep it close for 3 quarters before turning back into the horrible team they are.

Jacksonville 27-20

5$ Kansas City -3.5 vs New York Jets (EVEN)

With his back against the wall Alex Smith will show us all why he’s a starting quarterback in this league, the Kansas City offensive stars will be out in the Meadowlands for a decisive win.  

Kansas City 24-13

5$ New Orleans -4.5 vs Carolina (-105)

The Saints will continue their impressive run with a hard fought game against the well balanced offense of the Panthers, the re-injury of Greg Olsen will be a burden all game.

New Orleans 31-24

5$ Philadelphia -6 vs Seattle (-110)

The recent injuries to both Sherman and Chancellor as well as the overall disappointing season from their defensive line will lead to Carson Wentz adding to his MVP resume with a great game in the hostile field of Seattle.

Philadelphia 21-10

Parlay avec moi

5$ – San Francisco +3 (+105), Denver -1.5 (-110), New England -9 (-110), Falcons -3 (EVEN)

5$ – Washington -2 (-110), San Francisco +3 (+105), Denver -1.5 (-110), Falcons -3 (EVEN), Indianapolis +9.5 (-115), Kansas City -3.5 (EVEN), Rams -7 (-115), Philadelphia -6 (-115)

5$ – Philadelphia -6 (-115), Rams -7 (-115), Chargers Moneyline (-1200), New England -9 (-110), Houston +7 (-115), Kansas City -3.5 (EVEN), Indianapolis +9.5 (-115), Atlanta -3 (EVEN), Detroit Moneyline (+125), Denver -1.5 (-110), Washington -2 (-110), San Francisco +3 (+105)

10 Team 10$ Tease

10$ – Chargers -8 , Steelers EVEN , Colts +15.5 , Falcons +3 , Chiefs +2.5 , Patriots -3 , Saints +1.5 , Eagles EVEN , Rams -1 , Texans +13 (+2500)

Thursday Night Props

2$ First Half Winning Margin Redskins – 10 to 12 (+1000)

2$ Longest Touchdown Yardage in the Game – 41.5u (-115)

2$ Special Teams or Defensive Touchdown – Yes (+225)

2$ First Touchdown Scorer – Samaje Perine (+700)

2$ Anytime Touchdown Scorer – Jamison Crowder (+120)

All bets were placed on, please note that line are subject to change. Don’t gamble unless you are 18 years or older.

Hayden’s 2017 NFC regular season predictions

Will the Cowboys make the Super Bowl?  Will Cam return to his 2015 level? Can Rodgers win his second? Is Wentz here to stay? Is Jared Goff a bust?

Here are my 2017 NFC team predictions:


In this photo taken Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) calls out at the line of scrimmage during the second half of an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas. New York was about to put a damper on another festive prime-time opener Sunday night. Instead, the Giants were stunned 27-26 on a winning drive by Tony Romo after Manning admittedly made a crucial mistake. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez) ORG XMIT: NY165

NFC East:

New York Giants: 12-4

The Giants will improve on an impressive 11-5 season last year with a very strong 12-4 campaign. The addition of Brandon Marshall to replace the departing Victor Cruz provides the giants with a tremendous deep threat to pair with Odell’s speed. With little other activity this offseason, their running game remains a concern, the addition of D.J. Flucker with provide some aide. No changes were needed with their quickly improving young defence that will provide a tremendous challenge to all other teams in their stacked division. If Manning can deliver a quality season this team can go very far.

Dallas Cowboys: 12-4

With the recent 6 game suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys will drop 1 more game than their surprise season 1 year ago, and will drop to Wild Card 1. The Cowboys also lost a lot of free agents, with key players Doug Free,  Ronald Leary, and Brandon Carr all leaving. This is now Dak’s team, Tony Romo isn’t looming over his shoulder anymore, he has been given the keys to a very strong offense with many stars like Dez Bryant, Darren McFadden, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jason Witten, who will soon be replaced will the impressive first rounder Taco Charlton.

Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6

In Carson Wentz’s second season at quarterback, he will lead his Eagles to an impressive 10-6 record, an improvement on there 7-9 effort last year. The Eagles had a good offseason will the additions of Legarrette Blount, Ronald Darby, and Alshon Jeffries.  The Eagles defence will have some improving to do to compete at the next level but within the next few years we could be seeing Philadelphia return to the top of the NFL. If the Eagles weren’t in this dense division with the Cowboys and Giants they would have made the playoffs.

Washington Redskins: 6-10

The Washington Redskins will regress from their 8-7-1 record a year ago will a 6-10 record. Kirk Cousins will put up lowered numbers will the major offseason losses of Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, Terrelle Pryor will help but he isn’t capable of being the number one option on a winning team. What they lost on offence they gained on defence will some decent additions unfortunately with 6 of there games coming against the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants they will struggle to win. And with tough out of division games as well it just isn’t their year.  

NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks: 10-6

The Seattle Seahawks will follow up there 10-5-1 season a year ago will a 10-6 record this year. This is understandable due to the minimal changes there are to the roster from last year. This is a good and bad thing, on the one hand they will still have a tremendous defence especially with the return of Earl Thomas, on offence the will still struggle with a subpar offensive line and a revolving door at running back. Fortunately for them they still have the loudest fans in football giving them the advantage they need to make the playoffs once again.

Los Angeles Rams: 8-8

Former number one pick Jared Goff will lead his Rams to a 8-8 record, a major improvement on their 4-12 record a year ago. With many new additions to the team including a new Head Coach in Sean McVay the Rams will begin to improve. The addition of Sammy Watkins to replace the departing Kenny Britt will provide the young Goff with a bona fide number one receiver to pair with Todd Gurley who will have a bounceback year from his disappointing 2016. In a division with struggling offences their improved defense will lead them to their 8 wins.

Arizona Cardinals: 7-9

Veteran Quarterback Carson Palmer will continue to regress this season again leading his team to a 7-9 record, even with stars on offence like David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. An uneventful offseason on offence won’t help, the additions made on defence will provide a small boost to an already impressive defence. The Cardinals will be looking for a quarterback to take over the team at the end of this season, and they make a good choice this team could be competing at a high level again very soon with all their young talent and their tremendous coach.

San Francisco 49ers: 4-12

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off of a horrible 2-14 season, new coach Kyle Shanahan and new gm John Lynch will see an improved 4-12 record this year. The 49ers had a very busy offseason adding some decent players on both offence and defence. Unfortunately they were unable to complete a rumoured trade with the Redskins to bring QB Kirk Cousins to San Francisco, if they are unable to add a better QB soon, either through trade or draft, they will be at the bottom of this division for a while.  

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

Jan 1, 2017; Detroit, MI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) scrambles as Detroit Lions defensive end Devin Taylor (98) pressures during the first quarter at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

NFC North:Green Bay Packers: 12-4

The Green Bay Packers will improve of their somewhat average season of 10-6 with 12-4 record this year. Aaron Rodgers will once again prove why he is the second best QB in football, and with offseason offensive addition Martellus Bennett he will have an improved passing game, his offensive line will be downgraded but his mobility will help minimize the impact. Free agent additions on defence will also help a veteran defence. The Packers also lucked out by having their game against the Cowboys come at a time when Ezekiel Elliot will be suspended, putting them atop the conference.

Detroit Lions: 8-8

The Detroit Lions will take a step back from their record of 9-7 last season with a 8-8 campaign this season. While the lions had a very productive offseason for their defence and their offensive line, Matt Stafford still has very few weapons at his disposal. The lions will enter the season with one of the league’s worst depth at wide receiver. This below average offence will have major difficulty with one of the ;league’s worst schedules, featuring out of division games against the Giants, Falcons, and Carolina. If the lions can draft a quality running back and sign a good receiver this team could be good real soon.

Minnesota Vikings: 5-11

The Minnesota Vikings will follow up their 8-8 season a year ago with a disappointing 5-11 record this season. Sam Bradford will have a very poor season and might get replaced by returning QB Teddy Bridgewater. The Vikings lost Adrian Peterson the best player on their team in the offseason and replaced him with the inferior Latavius Murray, this is a common theme, almost every player they lost they replaced with a worse version, another example is switching Cordarrelle Patterson for Michael Floyd.  Couple this with a difficult schedule and the result isn’t good.  

Chicago Bears: 4-12

The Chicago Bears will take a small step forward in 2017 with a record of 4-12, which is an improvement on their previous season’s total of 3-13. The Bears had a very poor offseason which included one of the dumbest trades in a while, the Bears traded 2 thirds and a fourth round pick to move up one spot to draft Trubisky even tho San Francisco wasn’t going to take him. The Bears also lost key offensive piece Alshon Jeffries, the did finally part ways with Jay Cutler and instead signed Mike Glennon, thi move won’t have much affect on what should be a miserable season.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

Oct 2, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman (24) scores a rushing touchdown against Carolina Panthers outside linebacker Shaq Green-Thompson (54) in the first quarter of their game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

NFC South:

Atlanta Falcons: 12-4

The Atlanta Falcons will avoid the super bowl hangover by putting up 12 wins and 4 loses an even better record than they had a year ago. The Falcons replaced departing offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan with long time college coach Steve Sarkisian, and signed two time pro bowler Dontari Poe to replace Dwight Freeney. They also locked up running back Devonta Freeman in order to solidify their young core group of talented offensive players. Even with a difficult schedule the Falcons will prove they were no one year wonder a make a strong return to the playoffs feeding from the heartbreak of last year.     

Carolina Panthers: 11-5

Coming off of an extremely disappointing 6-10 season filled with injures the Carolina Panthers will fight their way back to the playoffs with an impressive 11-5 record. Cam Newton won’t be quite M.V.P. form be he will be much better than last year, and with the progression of sophomore Kelvin Benjamin the Panthers will have strong passing game. While Carolina’s defence will be weakened by the lost of Tre Boston, the addition of veteran Julius Peppers will bring leadership to a young defence. And all the speed and explosiveness they lost in Ted Ginn Jr. will be replaced by Christian Mccaffrey.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 9-7

Jameis Winston will continue his climb up the QB ranks by turning in a quality season with a 9-7 record, while this only matches last year’s total the division overall has improved. It was an eventful offseason for the Bucs, however they did make a key pickup of Desean Jackson who when paired with Mike Evans will make a nasty wide receiver duo.  Defensively there is still much to be done to begin competing on the next level, This team could very easily have a much better record if it wasn’t for the strong division they find themselves in.     

New Orleans Saints: 6-10

The New Orleans Saints will take another step back from their former glory with a middling 6-10 season compared to their 7-9 effort a year ago. Even with offseason additions like Adrian Peterson and Ted Ginn Jr. the loss of Brandin Cooks hampers their offence who still find themselves without a decent offensive line. Failing to complete a trade with the New England Patriots for corner Malcolm Butler has left a major hole in their defence in a division with several very strong offenses. It truly is a shame that such a great quarterback like Drew Brees will finish his career with such a poor roster.


Game by game predictions:

Schedule Prdic

Hayden’s 2017 AFC regular season predictions

Will the Patriots go undefeated? Will the Jets go 0-16? Will Deshaun Watson be the next great QB? Were the Raiders pretenders? Can the Steelers make another Super Bowl?

Here are my 2017 AFC team predictions:


Buffalo Bills running back Anthony Dixon, right, tackles New England Patriots’ Danny Amendola (80) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, in Orchard Park, N.Y. (AP Photo/Bill Wippert) ORG XMIT: NYFF110

AFC East:

New England Patriots: 15-1

The reigning Super Bowl champions are poised for an even better season than their 14-2 campaign a year ago. On paper, this year’s roster is even better than last year with major offseason additions like Brandin Cooks, Stephon Gilmore and Rex Burkhead to replace the departing Legarrette Blount, plus the Pats can rely on the return of a healthy Gronkowski. The recent retirement of long time Patriot Rob Ninkovich will weaken their linebacker core but this won’t have much effect on the overall team. If Tom Brady can avoid the Madden Curse the patriots should have no issue reaching their seventh straight AFC Championship game.

Buffalo Bills: 5-11

Unfortunately the Bills fell victim to a brutal schedule, with road games in Carolina and Atlanta and home games against the strong Raiders and Buccaneers, the Bills will take a step backwards in 2017. The offseason loss of Stephon Gilmore weakens their defence, pair this with an offence lead by middle of the line quarterback Tyrod Taylor and it seems they just don’t have enough talent to break through their very difficult schedule. With the recent trade of Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby the Bills seem to be accumulating as many high draft picks as possible to start a rebuild.

Miami Dolphins: 4-12

Things were looking up for the dolphins coming off of an impressive 10-6 season just a year ago, that all changed however with the recent likely season ending injury to quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Having to turn to the services recently unretired Jay Cutler the Dolphins will have a disappointing season. Many of their expensive veterans such as Julius Thomas and Cameron Wake will begin to show there age. Miami’s defence, which was ranked 29th in yards allowed last season will struggle with increased field time. With some smart offseason moves the Dolphins can quickly turns thing around for next season.

New York Jets: 1-15

With a roster that rivals that of the 1-15 Cleveland Browns from last season, the Jets will struggle to earn even a single win. The Jets suffered major offseason losses like Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker as well Darrelle Revis. At this time, it is unclear who the starting quarterback will be week 1 of the regular season, with the options being career 18-42 Josh Mccown or the newly drafted Christian Hackenberg, who they hope is a good enough center piece to start the rebuild around. It will be a few seasons before the Jets are in the playoff picture again.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, MO – JANUARY 3: Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs is tackled by Malcolm Smith and Charles Woodson #24 of the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium during the first quarter on January 3, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

AFC West:

Oakland Raiders: 12-4

The Oakland Raiders are here to stay, well not stay in Oakland but you understand. They will match their impressive 2016 season with another 12-4 campaign. Led by recently signed star quarterback Derek Carr and his newly acquired backfield partner Marshawn Lynch, the Raiders offence will be potent. In order to make a deep postseason run the Raiders will need to sure up its defence which was ranked 26th in yards against last season, this could be accomplished with a trade at the deadline. With improved defence the Raiders will find themselves to be one of the league’s best teams.

Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6

The Kansas City Chiefs will take a small step back from their strong 12-4 season a year ago. The Chiefs are faced with a brutal schedule with road games against the Patriots, Giants, and Cowboys it also doesn’t help that they’re in one of the most balanced and difficult divisions either. The Chiefs have no shortage of talent on either side of the ball with Pro-Bowler Eric Berry on defence and star tight end Travis Kelce on offence. With competent quarterback Alex Smith returning they will make the playoffs again but won’t make it very far once they get there.

Denver Broncos: 9-7

Denver’s incredible defence will be spending a lot of time on the field this season will their below average quarterbacks and aging offence. A schedule packed with difficult out of division games like New England and at Oakland will result in a 9-7 campaign, matching their effort from the previous season. With an upgrade at quarterback, whether through trade or development of one of their prospects, the Broncos can quickly return to being a perennial contender. With good offseason signings of Ronald Leary and Domata Peko it’s clear Elway and the broncos plan to return to the playoffs next season.

Los Angeles Chargers: 7-9

Los Angeles’s newest team will improve on a shaky 5-11 2016 season, with 7-9 effort in its new home. With the continued improvement of reigning defensive rookie of the year winner Joey Bosa, the Chargers are slowly building a decent defence capable of competing with some of the league’s top teams. But with a rough offseason with very few signings of note the offence lead by veteran quarterback Philip Rivers will continue to struggle. Melvin Gordon will have another strong season despite his lackluster offensive line and Antonio Gates will show his age in his likely to be last season.

 Steelers vs browns

AFC North:

Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-5

The Pittsburgh Steelers will continue to dominate there ever worsening division, putting up a 11-5 record that matches their total from the previous season. If key players like Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger remain healthy there record could soar even higher as they have one of the best schedules in the NFL for the upcoming season. With out of conference games against Minnesota and Chicago the Steelers can coast their way back into the second round with a chance to advance even further. The Steelers defence remains a concern, while the offence will get stronger with the return of Bryant.

Cincinnati Bengals: 9-7

The Cincinnati Bengals will once again return to the playoffs and once again will not get a win, making long time head coach Marvin Lewis a career 0-8 in the playoffs. Their strength in the coming season will undoubtedly be their offence with the addition of playmakers Joe Mixon and John Ross, the team will once again have a strong passing game lead by quarterback Andy Dalton who at times may hold them back with his overall ineffectiveness. Personality issues have plagued the Bengals for many years now and the won’t change this season especially with the addition of Mixon.

Baltimore Ravens: 8-8

The Baltimore Ravens will miss the playoffs for the third straight season, an uneventful offseason paired with the retirement of future hall of famer Steve Smith will lead to a woefully underpowered offence in a division stacked with offence. Difficult road games at Oakland and at Green Bay will expose the Ravens aging defence the does have talent but has been getting thinner and thinner with each passing offseason. 2017 will be the start of a long decline of the once thought of elite quarterback Joe Flacco and if they are smart, the Ravens will explore possible trade options soon.

Cleveland Browns: 3-13

Trust the process, the Browns will improve on an abysmal 2016 record of 1-15 with a record of 3-13. The offseason loss of Terrelle Pryor with hamper their offence but an improvement at quarterback from Robert Griffin to Brock Osweiler will help. Where Cleveland’s offence took step back their defence was improved with the resigning of Jamie Collins and drafting of Myles Garrett and Jabrill Peppers. Cleveland will most likely be looking to select a quarterback at the end of the year in a stacked draft and if they make a good choice this team could be good really soon.

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

Jan 1, 2017; Nashville, TN, USA; Houston Texans defensive back Denzel Rice (22) is unable to tackle Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) during the second half at Nissan Stadium. The Titans won 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

AFC South:

Houston Texans: 9-7

Houston will continue to lead the mediocre AFC South, In a division filled with young quarterbacks, the Texans may have one of the best with draft steal Deshaun Watson. An improvement at quarterback might spark their offence filled with talented players like DeAndre Hopkins and Lamar Miller. It was an uneventful offseason for their defence, one key loss is corner AJ Bouye, but the return of a healthy JJ Watt paired with the quickly improving Jadeveon Clowney will be a nightmare for any Offensive line. If Deshaun Watson pans out this team will be competing at the highest level soon.

Tennessee Titans: 9-7

Marcus Mariota will continue his development with a strong 9-7 season that just barely misses the playoffs. Coming off of his broken leg, Marcus Mariota will be aided by offseason pickup Eric Decker and his defence will be slightly improved with the addition of Corner Logan Ryan. A difficult schedule with home games against the Raiders and Seahawks and a game at Pittsburgh will test the Titans young roster and result in key loses. Overall it will be a season the Titans can learn and improve from and use as a motivation to break through into the playoffs next season.

Indianapolis Colts: 5-11

Coming off of an injury riddled season, quarterback Andrew Luck won’t be impressed with what he returns to. The colts addition of Kamar Aiken will do little to address the slowed production from veteran Frank Gore and T.Y. Hilton and the loss of Dwayne Allen. And with tough home games against the Steelers and Broncos and a game at the Seahawks the Colts will take a step back in 2017 to 5-11 from last years 8-8 record. It really is a shame how poor the team is for Luck to play because he is one of the NFL’s best.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-13

The Jacksonville Jaguars continued the annual tradition of overpaying for free agents will the most recent additions of A.J. Bouye and Barry Church. Unfortunately for Jacksonville, it takes an incredible team to overcome a poor quarterback and their roster isn’t good enough to win with the incompetent Blake Bortles at the helm of the offence. Fournette will help their almost non-existent running game but with a mediocre Offensive line he will struggle to get 1000 yards. With tough games against Seattle at home and away games at Pittsburgh and Arizona will result in a abysmal 3-13 record.


Game by game predictions: