Board Game Recommendation – enDANGERed Orphans

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I like to play board games. Lots of different games. Most people don’t get to experience the good games out there as most of the developers don’t market, usually due to budget constraints. Some of the best games are Indy developed and need crowd funding to make it to market in the first place.

The big companies out there have big budgets allowing them to put commercials on TV and print copies by the millions to fill every Walmart and drugstore in the World. Games like Monopoly or LIFE that have the big studio behind it usually fall painfully flat on the fun-o-meter but sell like crazy due to the name recognition compared to the Indy developed offerings littering Kickstarter.

I own quite a few games myself, but nothing compared to a friend of mine. He is an addict. He has an entire double wide bookshelf dedicated to his addiction. This is beneficial to me and my friends because we can play lots of a really good games with out the price tag (Thanks Chris!). It will also allow me to review or recommend a bunch of games you’ve probably never heard of, and maybe you’ll see something you like!

Let’s start off with a card game, enDANGERed Orphan’s by Certifiable Studios. The tag line for the game is “A deplorable tabletop game devoid of joy, hope, or humor; which, regrettably, is also far more awesome than it has any right to be.”

enDANGERed Orphans Box

That is very accurate. The game centers around you and your adopted Orphan wandering around a creepy town trying not to be horribly butchered by the Boogeyman. You take turns playing Cove Cards to expand the town. Each card represents a different area of the town which can be played basically anywhere, and each area has perks if your Orphan is on that space. Subsequently, everyone also has Option cards that effect those spaces, usually to the dismay of the Orphan sitting there. These options can also effect you or the other players. As your Option deck runs out (or your Orphan runs out of options, lol) you might be forced to make an Act of Desperation. This is where the Boogeyman is hiding. You draw a card blindly from a randomized set of 6, and every Act of Desperation is a card that helps you stay alive, except the one card that kills you horribly.


Once someone is forced to take one of these cards it’s burned for good, so the next time someone is desperate there is one less good card and a higher chance to get the Boogeyman. Short version? You run around a creepy, terrible little town trying to screw over the other players while attempting to not die.


The key to success is not using your options deck too fast and forcing yourself to act desperate. Plenty of cards allow you to take from other players decks, put cards back into your deck, or out right steal from the other players hand. So it’s a slow race to the bottom of the Options deck hoping the Boogeyman will eat your friends and not you!

I should also mention the Options deck is static, which means the more players you have the less options you have, and the faster you’ll be brutally murdered by the creepy Boogeyman. So if you have 2 players, you get a set number of Option cards, but when you add more players you have the same amount of cards for the game, but between 3 or 4 players and not 2. Less Options means more panic means getting dead faster. We played with 2 and 3 players on my play through, and 3 was more fun for sure. More people to screw over.

Easy to learn, fun as hell, and hard to master. The game also doesn’t have a time limit as you can actually win turn 1, which is really rare but of course happened to me… Games usually last 15 to 30 minutes or so. So lots of time for multiple games! It offers tons of different ways to play as the game board is different every time you play. The art is incredible and losing is actually fun, as I figured out drawing the Boogeyman card 6 times in a row. A 1 in 6 chance, 6 times straight… Do the math on that. (Hint: It’s 1 in 7776 or 0.0000214% :/ and I have witnesses!)


Worth a try. I have linked a YouTube playlist from the official Certifiable Studios account showing how the game works!


Have any good game recommendations? I hope to continue this as a series. I have a bunch of games lined up!

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