Why merging 20th Century Fox & Disney might ruin everything for the MCU

So, there’s news that there’s a deal in the works for Disney to acquire the TV & Film rights of most of 20th Century Fox for a reported $60 billion dollars, yeah, billion. While this reported deal in the works has most MCU fans going crazy (myself included), lets take a step back here and look at the effects this will have.

First, this would’ve worked out much better if this all happened about 5, 6 years ago. With the MCU moving into Phase 4 after the upcoming Infinity War film, many of Marvel’s biggest names could be getting killed off in the upcoming Avengers film, so we might miss out on Iron Man and Wolverine tearing it up together, or Captain America and Cyclops leading the way together. It just might seem weird if the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 randomly show up after the events of the Infinity War, leaving all the other super heroes forced to go “where were you guys?” While I’m still praying we get a Deadpool/Spider-Man team up at some point in the future, most of the big time team up storylines won’t be possible within the MCU, unless they play with the Multiverse angle and reverse time or something, which would be a lot of work for the big screen compared to how easy it is in the comics.

Second, 20th Century Fox has actually done quite a good job with the X-Men, Deadpool as well. Seeing these heroes transform from a 20th Century Fox label that lets a lot more edgy stuff go to the final cut to Disney, who tries to make their films family friendly, might take a hit on some of the characters. The biggest one being, of course, Deadpool. I’m trying to picture a Deadpool film under Disney’s umbrella that they would actually green-light, and I simply can’t. Maybe he’s just a cameo character once the transfer is done and Deadpool 2 hits the big screen, but it’s a shame, because Deadpool’s first instalment gave the superhero genre something entirely fresh. The same goes for Wolverine, good luck getting Disney to go ahead with a gory western film. The Fantastic Four on the other hand, are in desperate need of help from Disney and the MCU. Having Doctor Doom in the MCU would be huge for when Thanos is out of the picture, and if you read my article on the Secret Wars and how it could play into the MCU after the events of the Infinity War, the whole storyline is much easier with Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four, in fact it really centralizes around them. So for the Fantastic Four, this is great news, for Deadpool and the X-Men, could mean some watering down in terms of storytelling and edginess.

While I’m super excited if this all comes together, and it’s not deemed illegal, there’s still some big warning signs from this deal, for superhero genre fans anyways. While it means we may finally see some of the biggest heroes from the X-Men teaming up with the Avengers, it could also mean some less intriguing characters and less darkness and edginess to their previous versions. While it’s a risk, it’s a risk I’m hoping they take, just because I need that Deadpool/Spider-Man crossover film.

Also, that Disney streaming service just got real, Netflix has some work to do.


Why Captain America must die in Infinity War

It’s been quite the run for Steve Rodgers since being thawed out from a 70 year slumber. He’s faced old enemies, new enemies, and led the Avengers in stopping not one, but two invasions of Earth. The old saying goes, “third times a charm,” and for Captain America, his time is coming. And it’s coming in the form of Thanos.

With the release of the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer, it seems pretty inevitable that a few of our heroes are going to bite the bullet at the hands of Thanos and his army. I mean, the mind stone is in the head of Vision, and we see it being extracted in the trailer, or at least attempting to. In addition, the story is apparently going to be split up into two parts, and the writing seems to be on the wall. It would make logical sense for part one to end with Thanos claiming victory over Earth, with all the infinity stones in his possession, and Earth’s, (and the Galaxy’s) mightiest heroes left defeated and with no hope of salvaging Thanos’ rule.

In order for this to happen in the first part, we’re going to have to see multiple casualties on the Avengers’ side of things. We don’t know who will all be in this movie for sure, and there even could be appearances from the small screen, all who aren’t safe from death in this film. Personally, I believe at least one of the big time players has to fall in order to make it a true revenge story come part two. And for me, that big time player is Captain America.

For one, he’s kind of replaceable. There’s already tones of rumours out there that Bucky Barnes or The Falcon can step into the role as Captain America when the next phase rolls in, my pick personally being The Winter Soldier, as I have a gut feeling that Falcon could be in trouble in the infinity war as well.

Part two is that the thing that makes Steve Rodgers Captain America, also has a ticking clock, and that’s a clock I believe that’s on its final ticks. The super serum that turned Steve Rodgers from a wimp to “the perfect man” doesn’t last forever, in fact in certain comics, it actually begins to poison him while wearing off. While I don’t think Marvel Studios will go with the latter, it’s still another reason that Cap won’t survive past Infinity War, not unless there’s a cure or something, but again, too far of a reach that Marvel Studios will go for that.

There has been speculation that maybe it’s Tony Stark who will be the one to take the fall in part one, but I see his future playing out a little longer with Peter Parker’s introduction into the MCU. Will his stay be long? I doubt it. But I think he’ll live past Infinity War and make appearances here and there until the next big Avengers instalment. But hey, nobody’s safe once Thanos reaches Earth.

It sucks that we’ll lose such a great hero and one of the biggest draws in the MCU, but Marvel has to pull the trigger on this in order to make the story arc have the impact that it deserves for these two films. If they repeated what they did with Civil War, there’s not as much drama and tension in part two as there should be. It’s just something that has to happen in order to raise the stakes to a “you have to see this monster get what he deserves” in part two.

That being said, now with Doctor Strange in the mix and the multiverse being a thing in the MCU, really anything is possible when you play with time and alternate dimensions. So this could be all for Steve Rodgers to be back at some point down the road. Who knows. Either way, Captain America isn’t making it past part one of Infinity War. And I’ll be sad.

It is the best time ever to be a superhero movie fan

I’ve been watching superhero films for a long time. Since I could walk. Once I saw Spider-Man back in 2002, I knew I was hooked for life. There’s something about the message and morals that superhero movies portray that stick with me much more than any other genre of films. In 2017, it’s hard to argue it’s the absolute greatest time in history to be a fan of the genre.

While some people argue that superhero films are becoming too over-saturated, I highly disagree. While the film industry is pumping out more superhero movies than ever, each film is breaking the mould of the genre, and every movie has its own feel to it. For instance, the early Thor and Captain America films did feel a little stereotypical. But with Thor: Ragnarok looking like a brand new feel to the series and Civil War being a triumphant milestone for the entire genre, it appears Marvel Studios (and DC Entertainment) have found a way to keep the genre moving forward. There’s no better example than the Guardians of the Galaxy; a comic series that was relatively not known of by the general public turned into a worldwide sensation overnight with their own standalone film back in 2014. Why? Because the film was amazing, but also because it took many un-contemporary approaches to the genre and made a unique story that hadn’t been told before.


It’s this formula that has been taking over the superhero movie genre for the past 5 years, even before Guardians of the Galaxy was released. With Logan being released in March, it gave the Wolverine character, who has been on the silver screen for the better part of the last two decades, a unique tale, and a new look to the character. Even with The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the iconic character has changed many times since the original X-Men movie was released in 2000. Let’s forget about that origins movie though.


Back to 2017, this theory is still in full swing. With Spider-Man: Homecoming, including Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther on way, Marvel Studios in particular, is finding unique ways to tell some fantastic stories through their comic heroes. While DC is still lagging behind a little bit with Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman gave the brand a sense of hope moving forward as well.

With the Infinity War set to smash the box office into pieces in 2018, it appears the genre isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. And that, is a great thing.

How Marvel’s Secret Wars could play into the MCU after Infinity War

It’s almost too much to comprehend. Then, you add in the fact this is the first true comic I’ve read cover to cover in over ten years. Marvel’s Secret Wars is a lot to take in, especially if you’re coming into it cold. There are many characters I was unfamiliar with, background information I had to look up, it’s not a book I’d recommend diving into without some research or prior knowledge. I had to read most of it twice in order to fully grasp some of the concepts. But once I did, Secret Wars is quite fascinating.

And of course, with Avengers: Infinity War under a year away, the hype is building up for the events that are set to transpire as Thanos aims to complete his infinity gauntlet and rule Earth. My goal of reading Secret Wars was to get some insight for what could occur after the Infinity War. And after a lot of googling, reading into things a few times and taking some time to step back, I think I’ve got an idea.


I’ll do the first half of this without spoilers, but I’ll need to dive into spoilers at some point to fully grasp some of the ideas that jump into my head.

To understand where I’m coming from with some of these ideas, I’ll give you a quick recap on the plot of Secret Wars. Essentially, the Marvel Universe (current day) was a part of multiple universes, the multiverse, which has been touched on already in the MCU in Doctor Strange. However, in Secret Wars, the multiverse collapses and we’re brought into the book with two universes remaining, the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. The story is driven by a war between these two universes, and eventually, they both destroy each other. However, the most unlikely of heroes (or possibly villains?) saves fragments of both destroyed universes to create a world of his own. Doctor Doom, with the help of Doctor Strange and Molecule Man are able to will their own world together, with certain things varied, multiplied and changed. For instance, there isn’t one Thor in this new world called “Battleworld,” there’s an entire army of him. There’s also an entire army of Hulks, and there’s varied concepts of Manhattan, Wakanda and the SHIELD on the planet as well. And it’s all run by Doom. Essentially, Mr. Fantastic (from both the Marvel and Ultimate Universe) save a handful of heroes from each of their respective universes to rise up together and take down Doctor Doom and his estranged world.


Now, with that in mind, there’s a lot of red flags that come to mind when we talk about taking this story and inserting it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Number one, they don’t have the rights to half the characters. The Secret Wars story revolves around Doctor Doom and Mr. Fantastic. While there’s tonnes of characters from many storylines, it all whittles down to Doctor Doom replacing Mr. Fantastic in his new world. There’s also some X-Men in the fold like Cyclops and Nightcrawler, who would also not be included in the cinematic version of this story. It should also be noted that there is no way that Marvel will stick entirely to the source material from Secret Wars, they will take elements and blend them into the current cinematic storyline, much like they did with Civil War. That being said, there’s definitely some key elements that the MCU will take from Secret Wars, and could use as their next “big conflict” in the fallout of the Infinity War.

The biggest thing that the MCU can take from Secret Wars is the concept of it all. After all, we’ve seen foreshadowings of death rearing its ugly head for some of Marvel’s biggest superheroes. What Secret Wars could do for some characters, is bring them back in an alternate dimension. It sounds very crazy for where we are in the current MCU, but eventually, there will be no more Iron Man stories to tell, or Captain America standalone films left to do. So, you kill them off with a bang in Infinity War (I don’t know that, but there’s a chance) and you have the chance to bring back the big names in alternate dimensions or realities. While they would still have to survive the events that transpire in the alternate universe/dimension, it would be a chance to revive certain characters and bring them back into the fold.


On the other side of the coin, we could see new characters be introduced through the new multiverse. We could see Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man, or a female Thor, or an army of Hulks like we see in the comics. There aren’t many standalone characters you can build solo movies off of, but still some dream characters that Marvel fans thought they’d never see.

So to begin my whole theory of a way to incorporate the Secret Wars into the MCU, lets just say that Thanos wins the Infinity War. Thanos destroys everyone and everything on Earth. Iron Man? Gone. Spider-Man? See you later. Nick Fury? Sayonara. However, in a last ditch effort, Doctor Strange is able to travel through dimensions and time to try and change the events that would transpire on Earth in the Marvel Universe. Somehow, Strange would have to save each hero one-by-one until he can fully change the events and overturn Thanos’ victory. Doctor Strange’s origin story opened up the idea of Secret Wars coming into the MCU possible. And if the MCU does bring elements from Secret Wars into the fold, it’ll be Strange at the forefront of it.

What further backs up my theory is that it’s rumoured that there will be two movies for Infinity War. It’s not clear if both will be titled as Part 1 and Part 2 or separate films entirely, but it seems like the story will seep from one film into another at the very least. My vision of how things will go down in the MCU is; the first film, Thanos reigns supreme. He dominates the Avengers and planet Earth, and it appears it will be his after all. Luckily, we get a glimmer of hope at the end of the film, as Doctor Strange manages to travel through dimensions and give us some hope that the war isn’t over by the end of the movie. The second film could be our heroes’ retribution. Strange rounds up our band of characters, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Thor, all of your household heroes through travelling dimensions and time to take back Earth. In the end, our heroes defeat Thanos (don’t have to kill him off if you want to save him for the next phase) and retake Earth, but not without its casualties might I add.

This would be the perfect lead into a Secret Wars story, much like what they’ve done with Infinity War, and play it up as “the huge event” that feels like the climax of years of films. While using the multiverse to save the Universe, contorting time comes with consequences and creates new issues for not only earth, but the galaxy, and the multiverse. These issues cause the multiverse to be broken down, much like in the comics. Until there is two, the Marvel Universe, and the Ultimate Universe. They see it as a war to end all wars, for one to stand triumphant. However, with the infinity gauntlet recovered due to an altering in time during the Infinity War, a given antagonist (preferably Doctor Doom, but Thanos, Apocalypse, Galactus, pick your villain) uses the infinity gauntlet to destroy both universes and create their own planet from the remnants. Then, you can read the comics for yourselves to see how things unfold.


Okay. Yes, they have to come to an agreement with 20th Century Fox, but with Spider-Man proving that Marvel can work with Sony and other companies, it isn’t a complete mistake to rule out that Marvel could be able to use the X-Men and Fantastic Four by the time these films would be released. And if you can’t get the rights in time, characters within the plot can be replaced, I just think Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom at the forefront of the story is something unique that we haven’t seen (and may never see) in the MCU.

Okay, I managed to get pretty far without spoiling anything, so I’ll keep this part brief.


Okay, so in the end of the comic, essentially, order is restored and with Molecule Man betraying Doctor Doom at the end of the film, Molecule Man and Mr. Fantastic restore a new universe, much like the Marvel Universe before the Infinity War and before the Multiverse collapsed. Only this time, the two universes (the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe) are squeezed together as one, or those that remain anyways.

Using this idea, MCU could create a whole new universe in the fallout of Infinity War or whatever comes after it. Now, I’m sure your brain has been scrambled by now, and Marvel would have their work cut out for them in terms of making this all make sense to a casual fan, but, it could be their last resort once they tell the tales of all their current heroes.



In closing, if you haven’t read Secret Wars, go read it. Again, wouldn’t recommend it to you if you’re just getting into comics like me, but it’s a terrific story. Some of the concepts in the comic might be too far fetched for the MCU, but it’s hard to deny they’re not going to take some key concepts into their plans after the Infinity War. The Secret Wars ended nearly 75 years of continuity in Marvel’s comics, and began a brand new universe in Marvel. For the MCU, using the Secret Wars could move the MCU from “Phase 3” to “Phase 4” or even further down the road. Regardless, if you want to know where the MCU could take Doctor Strange and the Avengers after the Infinity War, reading Secret Wars will give you some ideas to how it’ll all play out.

Are you confused yet? Maybe I am too.

What to expect at the D23 Expo

In just two days, hordes of mouse-hat fans will flock to Anaheim for the D23 Expo 2017, the bi-annual conference for all things Disney.

For me, the highlights of the conference come on Friday and Saturday morning respectively when feature films will take the main stage. On Friday, they’ll showcase everything in the world of Disney-Pixar animation and then on Saturday, everything in the world of live-action which for most people means Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here is a rundown of what to expect from D23 Expo 2017 this weekend.


I’ll be the first one to admit that my animated knowledge is not up to snuff, I’m not the most fervent admirer of the craft. However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the animated panel at D23 for two reasons – Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2.

I’m a child of the nineties; hell I was born six months before the release of the original Toy Story film, it’s the animated franchise that not only I but many have grown up with. I followed along as Buzz was introduced to the gang and became Woody’s partner in crime, was overjoyed when I met Jessie in 1999 and everything felt right in the world for a lowly four year old, and then I like many was moved to tears as eleven years later Toy Story 3 came out and showed us all that we were growing up and there’s nothing we can do about it. And now once again, nearly ten years after the release of Toy Story 3 we will see the fourth instalment in the franchise. Toy Story 4 is likely not going to have the largest presence at the conference given the fact that it’s release date is still 23 months away. However, we will get some details; two years ago at D23 we were told the story will focus on a romance between Woody and Bo Peep, these plot points remain two years later as the only morsels of information we have on the film, I expect that to change on Friday. Don’t expect a trailer, don’t expect a teaser, don’t even expect any footage from the film but I would expect some stills, some production artwork, some more plot details and potentially even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to appear on stage together. Toy Story 4 is a long ways away so don’t expect to see footage from the film anytime soon but the concept of more plot details and some interesting photographs wouldn’t be too much to ask for.

When we first got confirmation on The Incredibles 2 the film community was stunned we had waited over ten years just for confirmation that the movie was coming. Fans rabid for a sequel had nearly forgotten about Pixar’s lone superhero attempt and yet people were still excited. It took a poster with the unforgettable first Incredibles logo and simply ahead a second ‘I’. Writer and Director Brad Bird returns for the film which is 11 months away from release. This is the film that will run the animated panel for Disney at D23 and I don’t think anything is off the board from a full cast announcement, plot details, a new poster, concept art, and yes, even footage. There is precedent here, in 2015 Moana was given the spotlight at D23, a film that was more a year out and it created positive momentum for the film that lasted all the way to the Academy Awards where Moana lost out to Zootopia (In my opinion, Moana was the better film and deserved the Academy Award.) Overall, while I think the conference will announce a couple of titles for movies on the Disney-Pixar production schedule I believe that The Incredibles 2 will be the highlight of the show with Toy Story 4 making a curtain call appearance and lighting up the fans in attendance.


Don’t get too excited, those of you looking for MCU news will likely have to wait another week until the Marvel conference at Comic-Con. It’s not that Disney doesn’t care about the MCU, it’s in fact there biggest money maker right now (Spider Man: Homecoming pushed the MCU box office to over 12 billion dollars,) but D23 isn’t the ideal place to show all your MCU footage. That being said, I still have a couple ideas to possible snippets that could be seen at D23.

Thor: Ragnarok, the next Marvel film on the slate comes out in November and will be the third MCU film to release in 2017, the first time the studio has released three films in one calendar year. You WILL NOT see any footage from Thor: Ragnarok at D23, you will also not see any images. What you WILL see is a new poster and the main cast assembled together on stage. Those of you waiting to see more footage from Thor’s third solo film will have to wait for Comic-Con where I expect those in attendance will see 5-10 minutes from the film and everyone in the world will be treated to a second trailer for the film.

The MCU film I’m most excited for is Black Panther. This incredible cast and crew have been working on something special for a while and that was never more clear than when they release that teaser trailer in early June. Black Panther is likely to see the biggest push of all the MCU films at D23. A poster seems likely to me, as well as concept art. Following a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in late April, Disney took members of the media back to their LA office and showed off concept art, stills from the movie, and a few brief scenes. Expect to see some of the Black Panther concept art and stills that were shown to the media in that exchange to finally be shown to the public here. In terms of footage, I give it a 35 percent chance that Ryan Coogler debuts new footage for his film at the event. A little over a month from the first teaser, I hesitate to believe that the film has full scenes that they are ready to show the public yet.

Finally, this will be the surprise of the event and it will come at the very end of the live action film panel on Saturday morning. Kevin Fiege, the CEO of Marvel Studios will walk back onto the stage and give us the first plot details from Avengers: Infinity War, he will then throw to a sizzle reel from the film. We will see Cap doing Cap stuff, Tony in a new suit and then end it with a shot of Thanos and the gauntlet. The lights will come back up in the arena, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Holland will be on stage to thank everyone and then Josh Brolin will walk out wearing the same infinity gauntlet he wore at Comic-Con three years ago when it was announced he would be playing Thanos.


Lucasfilm’s two major projects right now are Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the untitled Han Solo film, both set to release within the next twelve months. My predictions are all based on my ideas that Lucasfilm will have the heaviest presence at D23’s feature film panel. The MCU will be pushed back to Comic-Con save for a few reveals where Star Wars will not be attending Comic-Con in a feature film capacity.

Let’s start with The Last Jedi, many people are expecting to see a second trailer for the 8th Star Wars film and that’s not crazy, if this was any regular film but it’s not it’s Star Wars. A second trailer for The Last Jedi will NOT be shown at D23 this weekend. The next full length trailer for the film will come around September or even October much like they did with The Force Awakens. That doesn’t mean though that you won’t see anything from The Last Jedi, I believe that we will see a behind the scenes sizzle reel roughly 3-4 minutes in length. This sort of marketing falls directly in line with what Lucasfilm has done with their films already. Release the trailer, then the behind the scenes reel, and then the second trailer.

Roughly two and half months before the film comes out. We don’t need four trailer for The Last Jedi, I would even argue that we don’t need one trailer we are still going to see the movie. Lucasfilm is spectacular at marketing and they know that they don’t need to show any more from the film than they are comfortable with.

As for the Han Solo film, if you asked me six weeks ago I would have said a 100 percent chance of a teaser trailer but then something funny happened, they fired their directors with two weeks left of shooting and all hell broke loose. If you didn’t hear, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired for being unwillingly to follow the script written by Star Wars veteran Lawerence Kasdan and his son. Two days later, veteran director Ron Howard was brought on to finish the picture and at the time of writing this they are currently undergoing re-shoots to ensure the film is closer to what Lucasfilm wants. All that would lead a regular person to believe that nothing from this film would be shown, a rational person may argue that clearly they don’t have a lot of faith about where the project is right now based on the fact that they fired their directors just weeks ago but I’m not a rational human being.

Footage from this film will be shown at D23, at least I really think so. Ron Howard has been using his personal twitter ever since the film came out to tease costumes, images, and details about the film, I would bet that Lucasfilm will use the D23 Expo stage to ensure audiences not to loose their minds about the project. Not a lot of people in the film world have faith that Lucasfilm can turn it around on the Han Solo movie, a film which not a lot of people even wanted to begin with. D23 would be the perfect opportunity for Lucasfilm to show thirty seconds of Alden Ehrenreich in character as Han and Donald Glover in character as Lando and just like that they have turned the negative press into positive press. People are suddenly talking about how good Alden is as Han or how perfect Glover is to portray Lando and for the first time since mid-June, people in the Star Wars community aren’t talking about the behind the scenes problems on this film.

Finally, if Disney doesn’t show anything from the Han Solo movie then they will do something else. Something that fans have been asking for quite a while. Ewan McGregor will step on stage and announce the solo Obi-Wan Kenobi film. Lucasfilm has a third anthology film on their slate right now and no information regarding this film, for months people have been speculating on an Obi-Wan film staring McGregor in the role that made him famous. D23 is the best place to announce this film and it would certainly do wonders to Lucasfilm’s perception in the media right now.

All in all, it’s a great time of year for film fans with D23 and Comic-Con back to back. In the next two weeks you can expect to see footage, stills, and posters from some of the most anticipated movies of the next couple years.

Spider-Man: Homecoming the perfect beginning to a new era

With two previous versions in recent history, Marvel had their work cut out for them when they were set to include Spider-Man in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe. And as always, Marvel Studios delivered. Casting Spider-Man as a high-school geek once again and straying away from the cool, skateboarding Spidey we got with Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland is a perfect fit for the role of Peter Parker in the new universe. Quirky, corny, funny, he’s got it all. It’s easy to see why they chose Holland to be the face of the franchise moving forward. Michael Keaton is just as fantastic as The Vulture. I’d go as far as saying that Vulture is the best Marvel Villain aside from Loki. It’s easy to see why he does his villainous acts, and you can tell that Keaton knows a thing or two about doing superhero movies.

In terms of the plot, it’s a nice change of scenery that we don’t have to go through the whole ‘bit by a radioactive spider’ scene that we have in the previous two versions, although I’m sure they’ll have to touch on it down the road. I do like that we didn’t have a gigantic Avengers feel to the story. It’s friendly, neighborhood opposed to galactic and world-saving, which is a nice change of pace. The choice of villains was also very well done, with Vulture and Shocker being the two villains picked out for this particular movie, rather than leaping out of the gates with someone like Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus or Venom.

The one thing I didn’t notice in the film that my good friend Nathan Hutton pointed out to me afterwards was the setting of the film. While it is set in New York City, it barely feels like it’s ever in New York, opposed to the first trilogy where it’s heavily emphasized. I’m hopeful that in the next Spider-Man standalone film, they focus a little bit more on the city and where Spider-Man does his work.

While we’re on the slightly negative side of things, I’ll bring up my other issue I had with the film. Now I’ve promised myself to keep the movie spoiler-free so I won’t use any names, but I wasn’t very happy with the handling of some of the minor characters. While they stuck to the script with Peter Parker, they really messed with the origins and backgrounds of a few other characters, which as a long-time Spidey fan, had me a little sour. I’m okay with minor tweaks to characters, but rehauling a character entirely is a little much for me. You’ll get my point if you’ve seen the movie and you should know who I’m talking about.

Now, the suit was something that originally I wasn’t a big fan of, but after a while, it has grown on me. While I still think the suit Andrew Garfield dawned in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the best ever; this new, sleek, modernized suit is pretty cool. The moving eyes add something that the suit has lacked and used heavily in the comics with the character. I’m not a huge fan of the black that intertwines with the rest of the suit, and I’m also on the fence about how high-tech it is. Regardless, it’s unique, which is a fresh of breath air for the character.

Overall, I’m excited for what’s next for Peter and the gang, and I hope they keep the stakes relatively low for now until the Infinity War is over and Spider-Man becomes the definitive face of the franchise. I really hope they continue to give screen time to villains that haven’t gotten to shine on film yet, such as Mysterio, Kraven, Scorpion etc. In closing, Spider-Man: Homecoming was the most unique version of the character yet, and one that’ll be dominating the box office for at least the next decade.